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ApolloIM and MobileChat join forces

Both ApolloIM and MobileChat were jailbreak applications for chatting on the go with your iPhone/iPod touch. Alex Schaefer, ApolloIM's founder, has recently joined the MobileChat development team. In a blog posting by the developer of MobileChat, he said that both applications underwent "friendly co...

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ApolloIM creator interviewed on iPhone development

Chris F was kind enough to send along his long (and dare I say, a little silly-- look at that "cupcake deliciousness growth over time" graph at the bottom) interview with Alex Schafer, creator of what Erica called "the first native IM client for the iPhone," ApolloIM. After a short chat about the ga...

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iPhone 101: You've got iPhone or iPod touch jailbreak! What next?

You've run the TIFF exploit jailbreak and your iPhone or iPod touch now has Installer.app on your main page. So now what? Here are some tips and ideas for you. Add Community Sources. Most third party applications are found under Community Sources in Installer.app. Until you add this feature, you won...

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Beta Beat: Apollo IM leaves alpha, enters beta

On the iPhone front, the Apollo Instant Messenger application has left alpha and debuted this morning with a usable beta. This new beta works well enough that you can carry on multiple conversations and it feels like real software rather than a proof of concept. There are still several missing feat...

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iPhone double header: First native IM client AND first native IRC released

Big news today on the iPhone development front. This morning brings the release of both a native instant messaging client and a native IRC client. Apollo IM just entered Version Negative 1, an early beta release. It is available as well via Installer.app. Apollo IM has been developed by "Arminius" a...

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