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Instagram for iOS gets five new filters, slo-mo video, real time commenting

Instagram has released a new update that introduces some exciting features to the photo sharing application. Instagramers can now upload slo-mo videos to the service, ensuring an uptick in adorable clips of pets and children his holiday season. In addition you'll no longer need to refresh an image ...

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Reports abound of app updates not showing up in iTunes

For the last six days, app updates have not been showing up in iTunes on the Mac and on the PC for many people around the globe. I can confirm that app updates have stopped appearing in iTunes on my Mac (while those missing updates still appear in the App Stores on my iPhone and iPad). The problem...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me skip my app update

Dear Aunt TUAW, The latest update for Quickpick has removed a bunch of features -- particularly that "Actions cannot be launched directly from the Notification Center any more." Well, crap. Do I update and lose features I want, or never use "update all" again? *sigh* Your loving nephew, Tim Dear T...

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The Incident update includes iPhone as iPad controller

I'm a sucker for retro 8-bit games, and the addicting iPhone/iPad game The Incident is no exception. Its interface is simplistic, but gameplay is fast and fun. What's more, it's a universal app that costs only $1.99 -- a bargain! The app has just recently undergone a significant update, including...

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