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Carl Icahn's open letter to Tim Cook

Activist shareholder and invstor Carl Icahn is back at work poking at Apple, this time in a letter to Tim Cook published on the Shareholders' Square Table website. The short version? "Dear Tim, Remember all of those shares of Apple stock I bought? Speed up your stock repurchase plan by buying th...

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Apple Cash Call: TUAW Liveblog

Welcome to our liveblog of the Apple financial call discussing the company's cash position. As announced in the 8:30 am press release, Apple plans to issue a dividend and initiate a stock buyback program....

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Apple stock help drive mutual fund returns

I'm not Wall Street wunderkind but it doesn't take Warren Buffet to know that Apple's stock has been performing well. It would seem that, at least according to the New York Times, Apple's performance coupled with Google and RIM has lead to many mutual funds seeing extraordinary growth this year. Man...

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Motley Fool declares Apple stock of 2008

Will 2008 be the year of Apple? I thought 2007 was the year of Apple (and before that 2006 wasn't too shabby as I recall), but it would seem that those foolish stock dudes over at The Motley Fool think that Apple stock will be the stock to have in 2008. They point out Apple's aggressive, and success...

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Nasdaq warns Apple of non-compliance

Following reports of possible stock option improprieties by Apple executives and continuing internal and external investigations of these concerns, Apple has announced that it will delay the filing of its Q3 quarterly earnings reports until it is satisfied that the issues have been properly accounte...

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Welcome Blogging Stocks

We here at TUAW don't know our dividends from our splits, luckily for us the latest member of the Weblogs, Inc family is here to save the day. Blogging Stocks is a finacne focused blog that, for the moment, is covering eight differnet companies. Why should you care? Well, our favorite fruity comput...

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