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Now Apple files for iWatch trademark in Mexico, Taiwan, and Turkey

Just yesterday word spread through the technology sphere that Apple had filed for an iWatch trademark in Japan. The news seemed to give some limited credence to earlier rumors that Apple had filed for the same iWatch trademark in Russia. Now, less than 24 hours after that Japan trademark surfaced,...

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Apple updates Chinese homepage with earthquake donations and support offers

Apple has updated its Chinese homepage in recognition of the earthquake that struck parts of the country over the weekend. A translation by Engadget reads: Our deepest condolences to those who were taken away by the Sichuan Yaan earthquake, and respect to all the rescuers. May those who ha...

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Apple licenses 'worthless' Palm patents

Japanese blog Macotakara has uncovered documents published on Access (formerly PalmSource) that show Apple has licensed US$10 million worth of patents from a number of former technology companies, including the now defunct Palm. Interestingly, as 9to5Mac points out, Steve Jobs once told then Palm ...

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Apple retail exec John Browett's departure not surprising

When the first wave of news was breaking about Apple and its executive shuffle, the initial focus was on Scott Forstall leaving even though that's not actually happening until 2013. According to the Wall Street Journal, both Forstall and John Browett, Apple's vice president of retail, were asked...

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Apple acquires HTML5 design shop Particle

According to a report in CNET, Apple has quietly acquired Particle, a consulting company that specializes in web and HTML 5-based marketing projects. The company has worked with high-profile companies like Google, Motorola, Amazon, Yahoo and even Apple. It's also known for its celebrity backer,...

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Scott Forstall and Maps, Siri issues

The recent criticism about Apple's iOS 6 Maps app has prompted some analysts and pundits to lay the blame on Scott Forstall, Apple's Senior Vice President of iOS Software. A recent post by Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Apple 2.0 points out that both Maps and Siri, two recent projects that fall under the...

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Apple changes Maps copy, no longer "most powerful"

Apple toned down the description for its new Maps app and no longer claims that the app is "the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever." As noted by CNET, Apple's website now says that Maps features "a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease." This revision fol...

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Apple's recent apologies

Apple CEO Tim Cook's apologetic letter to iOS 6 customers is the third large-scale apology the company has issued in so many months. Now the web is wondering: is this evidence of a more "human" Apple, or a company with a problem? On July 13, Apple posted a letter from then senior vice president ...

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iPhone revenue greater than all of Microsoft's

The next iPhone is expected to launch next week and CNN Money decided it was a good time to run a list of superlatives related to the financial impact of Apple's smartphone. To start out with, Apple's iPhone business unit could be a Fortune 50 company on its own. That business unit is already...

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How Apple's North Carolina data center got built

This week GigaOM took an extensive look at North Carolina and its many data centers. The fourth and final installment in this series focuses on Apple's new data center in Maiden, North Carolina and covers some of the early negotiations between Catawba county officials and the Cupertino company....

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Apple responds to EPEAT move

Apple responded to the controversy surrounding its request to remove its products from the EPEAT green electronics registry. In a statement provided to The Loop, Apple representative Kristin Huguet confirmed the Cupertino company's commitment to the highest environmental standards and pointed o...

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Apple removes EPEAT green certification, could lose government customers

Apple has done an increasingly good job of creating environmentally-friendly products, but the company did something the other day that probably has both environmentalists and some customers scratching their heads. The company has removed the EPEAT green electronics certification from its produ...

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Apple's employee hardware discount program officially begins

Apple employees can now take part in a new Employee Purchase Plan which started on Wednesday, says a report by MacNN. The discount offers employees $500 off select Mac computers and $250 off iPads. It does not include the low-price Mac mini or the Retina MacBook Pro. The discount also is sepa...

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Rating Tim Cook's performance as Steve Jobs's replacement

All eyes have been on Tim Cook since he took over as CEO of Apple. Most early reports have been favorable, including this latest one from Don Reisinger who is writing for eWeek. Reisinger presents ten reasons why Tim Cook is considered a topnotch CEO. Contributing greatly to his success is th...

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Apple's VP of Europe steps down after 12 years

French newspaper Le Figaro is reporting that Pascal Cagni is stepping down from his position as Apple's vice president of Europe. Cagni was hired by Steve Jobs in 2000 and has served as Apple's European VP for 12 years. He was responsible for Apple's explosive growth in the EMEA region, which saw...

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