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Analysts have high expectations for iPhone sales on China Mobile

Assuming that the iPhone/China Mobile agreement is finalized before the end of 2013, analysts have been quick to chime in with estimates regarding how such a deal will affect Apple's iPhone sales and the company's bottom line. AllThingsD was able to aggregate a number of analyst responses to the...

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AAPL hits 52-week high

Perhaps it was the reports of huge volumes of iPads heading out the doors of retailers on Black Friday, or maybe it is Carl Icahn's shareholder proposal that's doing the trick. Whatever the case, shares of AAPL hit a 52-week high today, reaching US$575.14 at one point before retreating...

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Carl Icahn files shareholder proposal in effort to actualize larger stock buyback

Well, if there's one thing most can agree on when it comes to activist investor Carl Icahn, it's that he's persistent. In an exclusive interview with Time, the billionaire investor reveals that he recently filed a shareholder proposal to be raised at the company's next shareholders meeting. Its...

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EU hoping to close off corporate tax loopholes utilized by Apple and others

To say that Apple's off-shore tax practices came under scrutiny in 2013 would be an extreme understatement. Though the tax minimization schemes Apple employs overseas are no different than those used by other multinational corporations, the spotlight in typical fashion seemed to shine exclusively...

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Analysis: Only one-third of Samsung smartphone sales are of iPhone class

Daniel Eran Dilger at AppleInsider took a look at the numbers reported at Samsung Mobile's investor meeting today and reports that numbers show that the company sold fewer high-end smartphones than Apple this year. News from the meeting wasn't too upbeat for Samsung Mobile. Dilger notes that the...

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Apple R&D expenditures up 32% in 2013

As part of the Apple earnings folderol earlier this week, the company today filed a Form 10-K with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. There's some good news in there for those who want the company to continue to innovate with new and improved products: Apple spent 32 percent more on...

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Apple Q4 2013 Earnings Call liveblog


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Apple Q4 2013 earnings call liveblog scheduled for 5 PM today

Apple announces its Q4 2013 earnings for the period of July 1 to September 30 today at 5 PM ET, and TUAW will be presenting a liveblog with analysis and commentary at the same time. Join us as we talk about the good -- or bad -- news, skewer some analysts as they ask CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter...

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During the last 4 months, Apple paid out $25 million per day to iOS developers

During yesterday's media event, Tim Cook gave us his typical update on all things App Store. Specifically, Cook informed us that the App Store now houses more than 1 million apps and has seen more than 60 billion downloads. But there's one data point in particular that's worth some extra...

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Carl Icahn reportedly pushed Tim Cook for $150B Apple share buyback

The planned dinner between investor Carl Icahn and Apple CEO Tim Cook took place as scheduled last evening, and Icahn is reporting through Twitter that the dinner was "cordial" and that he pushed for Apple to bump its share buyback program up to US$150 billion. Icahn believes that Apple's share...

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Apple's iPhone revenues exceed those of Microsoft, Boeing, and other huge corporations

Just for the hell of it, let's say that Apple's iPhone unit was a separate company. Businessweek has done a bit of speculation and determined that the iPhone unit would be the ninth largest company in the Dow Jones Industrial Average based on revenues. Those revenues, which currently reach over...

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It's a date! Carl Icahn and Tim Cook to meet next Monday

After investor Carl Icahn made a big splash by purchasing about US$2 billion worth of Apple Stock last month, he said via Twitter that he was going to have dinner with Tim Cook to discuss the "magnitude" of Apple's share buyback program. CNBC is reporting that the two will be meeting Monday in New...

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Daily Update for September 23, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires...

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Apple adjusts its quarterly earnings outlook on strength of tremendous iPhone sales

In the face of pundits who thought Apple's iPhone success had plateaued, Apple sold a record number of iPhones this past weekend -- 9 million units to be exact. In fact, Apple's iPhone sales this past weekend were so great that Apple this morning filed a regulatory filing with the SEC slightly...

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AAPL shareholders to receive dividends today

Apple will pay its shareholders another quarterly dividend today. Shareholders of record as of August 12th will receive US$3.05 per share. With over 908 million outstanding shares, that means Apple will spend $2.7 billion today giving money back to its shareholders. However, as AppleInsider...

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