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Tag: apple history

Apple tops JD Power smartphone satisfaction and other news for April 24, 2014

Former Apple engineer Francisco Tolmasky has shared some very interesting stories about the development of mobile Safari and other software features of the new iPhone. Including Steve Jobs' insistence that it be "like magic." Meanwhile, Apple's stock split and customer satisfaction wrap up today's n...

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Apple's first CEO was Michael Scott

One of the more common misconceptions about Apple is that the company's December, 1996 acquisition of NeXT ushered in Steve Jobs' second go-round as CEO. In reality, Jobs during his first stint at Apple held a few positions, but never served as the company's CEO. Over the course of Apple's 37 ye...

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John Sculley regrets ousting Steve Jobs and other news for April 18, 2014

It's Friday! Slip on a pair of loafers and browse today's Apple news in a leisurely fashion. Because it's Friday. And you're a boss. In an interview with Times of India, former Apple CEO John Sculley admitted that ousting Steve Jobs was a mistake. "I think there could have been a way, in hindsi...

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Why 9:41 AM is always the time displayed on iPhones and iPads

If you've ever paid close attention to Apple's advertising materials, you may or may not have noticed that the time depicted on Apple's products is always 9:41 AM. Apple's affinity for 9:41 AM is evident across much of the company's product line. For example, below is a current snapshot taken fro...

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Don Melton on Steve Jobs and other news from April 10, 2014

Former Apple engineer Don Melton posted a heartwarming and fascinating post late on Thursday highlighting his memories of working with Steve Jobs. The entire post is well worth reading in its entirety as it provides a more up-close and personal glimpse into a side of Jobs that doesn't often get a ...

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Funny moments with Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has been called many things: genius, visionary, and of course, temperamental. However, every now and then Steve gave the public an example of his sense of humor. As you might expect, it was biting, sharp and smart. Here's a collection of funny moments from the late Mr. Jobs. ...

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Today is Apple's 38th birthday

On Thursday April 1, 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne started Apple Computers. Their first product was the Apple I computer kit, built by hand by its designer Steve Wozniak. The Apple I consisted of just a motherboard, leaving users to provide their own keyboard, monitor, and case. ...

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Top Apple engineer details how the original iPhone was developed

The Wall Street Journal has published a rare authorized interview with Apple senior software engineer Greg Christie who detailed the arduous process involved in getting the iPhone from a concept to a shipping product. In February of 2005, Steve Jobs gave Christie's team an ultimatum -- either del...

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Steve Jobs sobbed in the wake of Antennagate

In a recently discovered video on 99u, former Apple VP of Marketing Communications Allison Johnson details what it was like working in Apple's marketing department under the always watchful eye of Steve Jobs. Recalling her time at Apple, Johnson describes how there were two words within Apple's m...

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1979 Apple II ad goes biblical [Photo]

While Apple has launched a number of iconic ad campaigns over the years, some of the company's early ads from the 1970s are a little questionable. As a case in point, I recently came across this biblically-themed 1979 ad for the Apple II. The ad below touts a contest which asks readers to answer th...

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Steve Jobs on mouse design and how the Apple Pro Mouse was conceived by happenstance

Though Apple popularized the mouse when it introduced the Mac in 1984, the company hasn't always been a bastion of popular, or even elegant, mouse design. For instance, Apple's hockey puck mouse, originally introduced with the Bondi Blue iMac, is a perfect example of utilitarian design gone astray. ...

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Throwback: hands-on with the original iPhone

The original iPhone was released in the US on June 29, 2007. Mere hours later, our old friend David Chartier posted his first impressions of the 8 GB marvel. It's fun to reflect on our glee over the debut of such ground-breaking device. Note the old-school TUAW logo while you're at it! David note...

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When Carl Sagan sued Apple ... TWICE

In the early 90s, Apple began working on the Power Mac 7100, a product that was internally given the codename "Carl Sagan." The impetus behind the codename was a riff on Sagan's catchphrase "billions and billions", the implication being that the 7100 would go on to make Apple billions of dollars. C...

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Apple device sales have finally caught up with Windows

In the early days of Microsoft, Bill Gates' vision for the company was a "computer on every desk and in every home," all running Windows of course. And as John Gruber wrote in his short but astute summary of Microsoft's history, the amazing thing is that Gates actually realized this dream. By the...

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The original Mac icon was inspired by Matisse, not Pablo Picasso

You might recognize the illustration on the right as the original Mac icon, a fixture on much of the early packaging materials and manuals that came with the early Macs, not to mention the icon that greeted users on the Mac OS startup screen back in the day. While it was long assumed that the icon ...

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