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Judge allows Apple class action lawsuit over Breaking Bad "Season Pass" to continue

Last September, Apple was hit with a class action lawsuit after one user discovered that the US$22.99 he shelled out via iTunes for a "Season Pass" of Breaking Bad season 5 only covered the season's first 8 episodes. In light of that, Apple did the right thing and told affected users that they'd b...

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Judge rebuffs Apple's effort to secure sales ban on infringing Samsung products

Samsung and Apple may have settled all of their international legal disputes, but the two tech giants are still busy duking it out here in the States. The latest news from the ongoing Apple/Samsung legal saga is that Judge Lucy Koh recently rejected Apple's efforts to secure a product ban against...

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Shareholder sues Apple directors and estate of Steve Jobs over anti-poaching agreements

Patently Apple directs us to a rather ridiculous class action lawsuit filed by an Apple shareholder against Apple directors and the estate of Steve Jobs. The lawsuit stems from the no-poaching agreements Apple tacitly entered into with a number of other big-time tech companies in the mid-2000s. Whi...

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Judge Lucy Koh rejects proposed settlement stemming from Apple's anti-poaching class action lawsuit

Judge Lucy Koh today rejected a proposed settlement agreement that Apple and a number of other prominent high-tech companies entered into as a result of a class-action suit stemming from anti-poaching agreements entered into during the mid-2000s. Under terms of the initial settlement agreement, A...

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Apple and Samsung agree to drop legal disputes in all jurisdictions outside the U.S.

It's increasingly starting to look that Apple's obsession with taking Samsung to task for allegedly copying the iPhone may be starting to wane. Originally reported by Bloomberg, news broke on Tuesday evening that Apple and Samsung have agreed to end all of their legal disputes in all jurisdictions...

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Judge Denise Cote isn't happy with Apple's $450 million e-book settlement agreement

Apple agreed two weeks ago to a conditional $450 million settlement with plaintiffs over allegations that it colluded with book publishers to artificially raise the price of e-books. Under terms of the settlement, Apple will only have to pay the full amount if its appeal of U.S. District Judge Den...

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Apple faces California class-action suit over alleged labor violations

Apple is facing yet another class-action lawsuit, this time from a group of employees in the State of California. The suit was filed initially in 2011 by four people who worked in Apple's retail and corporate operations, alleging that the company violated California Labor Code by not providing "ti...

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Apple conditionally agrees to $450 million settlement in e-book price fixing suit

Apple's ongoing e-book antitrust saga has been nothing short of a headache. Accused of colluding with publishers to artificially raise the price of e-books, Apple had the opportunity to settle the matter early on and avoid a trial altogether. But as Tim Cook explained, Apple felt it did nothing wr...

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Apple found not guilty in lawsuit over video streaming

The patent infringement lawsuit began in 2010, when a Israel-based company called Emblaze went after Apple. The patent in question related to real-time broadcasting and Emblaze claimed that Apple was using the technology without a license. Friday, according to Bloomberg News, a jury swiftly rende...

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Judge: Apple may not use term "patent troll" in court

Apple and Hawaii-based GPNE Corp are preparing for a legal battle that's being heard by judge Lucy Koh, who has instituted a "no name-calling" rule. Specifically, Judge Koh has told Apple's attorneys that they may not refer to GPNE Corp as "patent troll" or "privateer" or "bandit" while in front o...

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Judge has reservations about Apple's settlement in anti-poaching suit

Judge Lucy Koh has some reservations regarding the recent settlement agreement Apple and a number of other tech companies reached as part of a class action suit regarding anti-poaching agreements. As part of the settlement, the companies involved agreed to pay class members US$324.5 million to be...

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Following $119 million judgement, Apple seeks retrial and injunction against Samsung products

In the wake of its nearly $120 million judgement against Samsung, Apple continues to go on the attack. In a motion filed this past Friday, Apple argues for a retrial on the damages amount. Recall that at the outset of Apple and Samsung's second California litigation, Apple was seeking upwards of $...

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Dutch appeals court upholds Apple injunction against Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Re/Code points us to the fact that Apple on Tuesday was granted a "modest" victory in its ongoing and global legal battle against Samsung. Specifically, a court in the Netherlands upheld a lower court's ruling which banned the sale of Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace smartphones. The court found that th...

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Apple hit with lawsuit over disappearing iMessages for iPhone to Android switchers

Well, that sure didn't take long. Shortly after we highlighted how a number of iPhone to Android converts are no longer receiving text messages sent from other iPhones, Apple has been slapped with a lawsuit over the matter. Bloomberg reports that a frustrated Android user filed suit against Apple l...

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Apple sued over patents more than any other company last year

In 2013 there were 6,092 patent-infringement lawsuits filed in the U.S. District Courts, a 12.4 percent increase from the 5,418 filed in 2012. These numbers come from a new study out by Lex Machina, a California based legal analytics company, that show patent cases filed in U.S. District Courts ha...

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