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Tag: apple logo

Ok, who owns this car?

I thought I was cool with the one Apple sticker I have on my car's rear window, but now I've been shamed. The owner of this vehicle (I'm guessing by the door handles that it's a Saturn?) really, really likes his/her Apple stickers. Just don't drive that thing in Redmond....

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The man behind the Apple logo

For many years this multi-hued logo served well for Apple, however, it has since been phased out in favor of a solid color logo (though the color of the Apple does vary). The man who created the logo (which wasn't Apple first logo) is Rob Janoff. Sync has a little story up about him, where you find...

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Apple Logo USB Flash Card Reader

File this under "cool stuff" or "stuff that could never be produced in the U.S. because of licensing rules". A company in Hong Kong (sure looks like HK to me; please correct me if I'm wrong), has produced an 8-in-one flash card reader that plugs into your computer's USB port, and...

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