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Tag: apple maps

Apple Maps finally gets turn-by-turn navigation in Australia

According to a report in 9to5 Mac (confirmed by Australian Twitter user Beau Giles), turn-by-turn navigation in Apple maps is now live in the land down under. Unlike the US and UK, which launched with turn-by-turn, Australia did not have turn-by-turn navigation when iOS 6 was released earlier...

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How Yelp's flaws affect Apple Maps

It's been clear from the start that Apple Maps isn't perfect. In fact, in some instances it's proven to be downright broken. And while the blame ultimately lies at Apple's feet, it turns out that you -- yes, you -- might have played a roll in the new app's less-than-stellar debut. You see,...

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Mapping Scott Forstall's departure from Apple

When Apple announced earlier today that -- along with several executive leadership changes -- Senior Vice President of iOS Software Scott Forstall would be leaving the company in 2013, theories began to fly from every corner of the web. (Some on our team began to suspect changes afoot when...

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Put Google Maps back on your iPhone with Maps+

If you're one of the many who are underwhelmed with Apple's Maps and wish you could get Google Maps back on your iPhone, I highly recommend downloading Maps+. Besides using the Google Maps API, Maps+ offers several features now missing in Apple's new Maps app. The app also adds plenty of...

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The iOS 6 Maps app is why my next phone may be a Samsung, not an iPhone 5

My next phone won't be the iPhone 5 I've been dreaming of for a year; it'll be a Samsung Android handset. Why? Two words: Google Maps. This isn't a political statement. It's not an empty protest over how bad Apple's Maps app is. It's because for the first time I've lost confidence that an...

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Maps missing info dismays some iOS 6 users

Detail differences between Apple's new maps (top) and Google maps (bottom) have some iOS 6 users scratching their heads and wondering how long Apple will take to bring their Maps database up to speed. Developer Mathieu Roy shared the above maps, which highlight how the newly Apple-sourced...

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