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AAPL drops below $400 briefly; Cirrus Logic inventory numbers blamed

Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock fell to its lowest price since December 2011 today following a report from Cirrus Logic, a producer of chips used in the iPhone and iPad, that it was dealing with an inventory surplus. Cirrus Logic said one of its customers is moving to a newer component causing the...

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Trader pleads guilty to making unauthorized purchase of nearly $1 billion in Apple shares

The FBI reports that a trader who last year made an unauthorized purchase of nearly US$1 billion worth of Apple stock has pled guilty to wire fraud, securities fraud and conspiracy. On October 25, 2012 -- the same day Apple posted its Q3 2012 earnings -- David Miller of Rochdale Securities made...

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AAPL takes a hit despite iPhone 4S news (Updated)

Apple's share price has dropped dramatically after today's announcement of the iPhone 4S. At 3:07 PM EDT, AAPL was down over $16 per share to $358.51, although it could recover before today's market close. While this doesn't look good for Wall Street's enthusiasm for the new device, the stock...

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Apple stock opens about 5% down, but most analysts remain calm

At the opening bell this morning, AAPL was down 5%, erasing about US$15 billion dollars of the company's market value. As of this writing, Apple is trading at $336. It's not time to get out on the ledges, however, as many experts think an expected blow-out earnings call later today could erase the...

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AAPL could hit $410 according to R.W. Baird analyst

If only this blogger had held onto that Apple stock that was bought for about $8 while dabbling in the market in the late-1990s. Instead the profits from selling it at $27 a share were put into such wise investments as Webvan. The only good thing about my dot com bubble investing period is that...

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It's a Merry Christmas for AAPL shareholders, stock at all-time high

On December 14th, I posted an opinion piece sharing my thoughts that AAPL stock would hit $300 a share in a year (for which I received quite a lot of critical feedback). Two days later, on December 16th, Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty issued a report stating she believes there is a 25% chance that...

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Apple shares slide following keynote

Here's a shocker -- Apple shares slid 0.7 percent (as of this writing) after Phil Schiller concluded the company's last official keyonte address at Macworld Expo. Robert Francello, head of equity trading for Apex Capital hedge fund in San Francisco, blamed " true blockbusters" for the market's...

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Apple announces date for Q4 conference call

Earlier this week, Apple announced that their fourth quarter financial conference call will take place on October 21st. The live audio stream will begin at 2PM Pacific time. We'll be liveblogging the call, so check back on the 21st for up-to-the-second information and analysis. Apple's stock took a...

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Silly Sunday Survey: Who would replace Steve Jobs?

Douglas McIntyre over at Blogging Stocks posed an interesting question the other day, in light of the current issues surrounding Apple's option back-dating. If it were discovered that Steve Jobs played a key role in the option mishap and he was forced to resign as CEO, who would/should be his...

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Apple beats Q2 estimates

Yesterday was Apple's Q2 financial conference call, and it's safe to say things went well. Apple generated $410 million (47 cents per share) in the 2nd quarter of 2006, up from $290 million (34 cents a share) as this time last year. Wall Street's projection was 43 cents per share. iPod sales...

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WWE champ JBL: Apple stock a buy

Here's an article we didn't expect to find this morning. WWE superstar JBL writes about the stock market for The Street. No, seriously. In last Saturday's article, he had some nice things to say about Apple (and AAPL). Having just read iCon, the unauthorized bio of Steve Jobs, JBL stated his...

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Boot Camp boosts Apple's stock 8%

It seems that the geeks like you and me aren't the only ones excited about Apple's release of Boot Camp. This morning, Wall Street demonstrated a bit of support, too, as Apple stock rose 8% in early trading. True, it's just the beginning of the day, but we'll see what happens. I'm going to guess...

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Apple's stock looks down, loses balance

Well, it was bound to happen: Apple's stock, after years of joyously ascending in a fashion worthy of the New Testament, has finally reacquainted itself with the wonders of gravity and the venerable cliché, "What goes up must come down." The share price fell over 5% today, closing...

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Apple stock leaps 6% following keynote

With Steve's voice still echoing from the stage at the Moscone center, Apple's stock climbed 6% to $81.89 by the early part of this afternoon. It would appear that Mac fans weren't the only ones impressed buy the new hardware and successful holiday shopping season. I'd say things are going well in...

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