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Dear Aunt TUAW: Buy an iPad mini now or wait?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Would you suggest this generation of the iPad mini is worth getting, or waiting for the next-generation, which may have Retina display is a better option? Your loving niece, Stephanie S Dear Stephanie, The best time to buy hardware is when you need it. If you can use ...

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Where's my convertible Mac?

Here at TUAW, we just received our 5 billionth review request for a new iPad keyboard system. More and more, makeshift solutions attempting to turn iPads into laptops is a "been there done that" for me. Is it "too Microsoft" to ask Apple to come out with a proper convertible notebook/tablet, a ...

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iTunes 11 for the change-averse: Where did all that stuff go?

Is the new iTunes 11 interface making you a little hot under the collar? Reader response was so strong and so warm to our first iTunes 11 "where did it go?" post, we decided to follow it up with a handful of additional tips. Here are five things you might be looking for and struggling to find in ...

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OS X's MIA features: Out of style or out of time?

One of the things that typifies Mountain Lion is Apple's insistence on removing existing features that users know and love. I suspect some just weren't finished in time, but others seem to simplify interfaces at the cost of user frustration. Here at TUAW Central, we receive regular emails from r...

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iOS and OS X teams joined under Craig Federighi

Today, Apple announced that their iOS and OS X teams would join together as Scott Forstall leaves Apple. Craig Federighi (photo at right) will take over, leading the joined teams. Apple's press release stated, "This move brings together the OS teams to make it even easier to deliver the best te...

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You're the Pundit: Name the new new iPad

When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is the newer new iPad. You know, the small one. All indications point to Apple's "a little more" being a 7.85-inch iPad. Wha...

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The dawning of the age of Pass Kit: virtual ID on the iPhone

As iOS 6 gets ready for its Autumn debut, many users look forward to Passbook, Apple's "new way to organize boarding passes, tickets, gift cards, and loyalty cards." It promises to help empty your wallet of a multitude of small items, replacing them with a single iPhone interface. Just flash your...

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New iPad arrives in India, eight other countries today

Apple began selling the new iPad today in an additional nine countries, including India. The other countries include Colombia, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, South Africa and Thailand. With today's rollout the new iPad is now available in 56 countries around the world -- the fa...

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The data dilemma: content, bandwidth, and metering

Just a week old, the new iPad is quickly exposing a problem with US data usage. As device access to bandwidth increases, content becomes more enticing and accessible. Think Hulu, Netflix and funny videos of monkeys riding pigs. At the same time, unfortunately, metered data isn't getting any cheape...

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App-ocalypse soon: Apple extends sandboxing deadlines, but restrictions loom

Image: Shutterstock Apple issued a three month extension on application sandboxing today, giving devs a little more breathing room before new rules take over. June 1 2012 is now the enforcement date. We've been having many discussions about Mac development in the TUAW backchannel over the last wee...

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Amazon introduces $6 million Select program for exclusive Kindle authors

Yesterday, Amazon introduced Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDP), featuring a multi-million dollar seed fund. KDP Select allows authors to earn royalties by lending out their books through Amazon's Prime Kindle Owners Lending Library. Authors who choose to participate will share in a US$500,0...

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Apple offering AppleCare+ for iPhone 4 and 4S preorders until November 14th

TUAW has received numerous emails from readers who are confused (with good reason!) about the status of AppleCare+. Good news for those who pre-ordered the iPhone 4S: If you did not get a chance to order AppleCare+ with your iPhone 4S, Apple is extending your eligibility. When Apple announced Ap...

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Apple stock performance under Steve Jobs

We can talk about Steve Jobs' legacy as CEO of Apple, look at the products he launched and analyze the earnings statements, but sometimes all you need is a simple picture to summarize it all. As Edible Apple points out, Apple's stock price from when Jobs took the helm in 1997 until now reveals ...

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Apple Inc., beyond the "Computer"

With all the hubbub today folks may have missed a small but telling detail. Given the focus on iPods and now the iPhone, Jobs announced the company itself had changed its name from "Apple Computer Inc." to simply "Apple Inc." (already reflected on the bottom of the homepage, right). Since the iPod ...

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