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AppleScript: Finder commands

Now that you've mastered the tell command, it's time to introduce some of the other AppleScript commands that you may encounter. Location command This command will allow you to open a specific location (either on your Mac or on a web server). This command is most often used with the Finder. For inst...

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AppleScript: the Script Editor

Before you can build your first AppleScript you need to know some basics: what a script-able application is and how to use the Script Editor. Script-able Applications Basically, script-able applications are applications in which the developer has included a set of "instructions" that the Script Edit...

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Export Stickies text via Applescript

As you may know, Apple's Stickies isn't directly scriptable via Applescript (technically, you can send a system event). Still, one enterprising soul has discovered a work around, and posted it to Mac OS X Hints. His script creates a new text file, one for each Sticky. Once you've got your text file,...

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