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Online Apple Store is down (Updated)

The online Apple Store is currently down for maintenance or other work, and possibly lending credence to recent rumors that the iPad mini with Retina display may finally be released tomorrow. We'll let you know when it's back up... and if there are any changes or if someone just flipped the wrong...

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The Apple Store is down... and back up

Is it maintenance or is it MacBook? What are you most looking forward to when the online Apple Store comes back up? Will there be some new surprises in the store? A new MacBook Air? With Thunderbolt? Something to replace the iPod classic? Let us know! Update: Back up now. Nothing major to rep...

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The Apple Store is DOWN

As expected, the Apple Store has gone down in anticipation of today's hosted media event. Can you sense the antici (wait for it)... TUAW will be here metaliveblogging all the excitement and happenings. So make sure to come back and spend iPad Day with your friends at TUAW, where we gleefully br...

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Apple Store is down... and back up, with no changes

The store's down!* We're not sure why (if I had to guess, I'd say they're updating the listings for bumper cases, since those recently returned to the retail shelves), but we'll keep an eye on things and let you know what's new when it comes back. Meanwhile, don't panic. We want a new iPod nano,...

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The US online Apple Store is down, and back up

Yes, yes. We know! The store is DOWN! Thank you everyone who sent in a tip to let us know. And now it's once again time to play our favorite waiting game: Guess What's Gonna Be New In The Store Before It Comes Back Up. You know where the comments are. Let's play! Update: Back up, now with...

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The store is down... and back up

The Apple Store is down again. And we are, once again, glued to our monitors, constantly refreshing the display. Is the Apple Store nothing but a giant, international Skinner Box? Maybe store outages have nothing to do with WebObjects and everything to do with operant conditioning? What do y...

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The sticky is up and the Store is down (Update: And back up)

I'm lying alone with my head on the Mac Thinking of Apple 'til it hurts The store is down, so what can we do? Tormented and waiting, We're all out of Store, we're so lost without it, We'll be right, believing for so long... We're all out of Store, what are we with out it? It won't be too l...

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The Apple Store isn't down, but order status is

Since late last night, the Apple Store order status page has displayed the banner you see above. We're not sure what it means, but it's driving anyone who is trying to look up order status -- my wife, for instance -- crazy. You can still order anything you desire, you just can't find out what's hap...

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The Store is...back up, no obvious changes.

Don't you love it when the yellow sticky appears? Never quite knowing whether it's going to be good news (usually on Tuesdays) or nothing much but maintenance (usually on Sundays). TUAW just tingles with anticipation. We're waiting right along with you, trying to guess what the latest developmen...

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Apple Store is down, could Snow Leopard be coming?

It looks like the online Apple Store is down right now with that ubiquitous "We'll be back soon" message. Could finally we be seeing the availability of Mac OS X Snow Leopard? We'll let you know when the store is back up and what might be new. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!...

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