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Tag: apple tv 2

TUAW Best of 2011: Vote for the best iPhone accessory

The nominations are in, and the poll is ready to go! The TUAW Best of 2011 awards are all about you -- the readers -- and what you think is the cream of the crop of Apple or third-party products and software. To vote, select one entry from the top nominations made by readers. We'll be announcing t...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Will there be a TV from Apple?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Is there any chance Apple will release an actual TV? I'm considering the ATV2 but its close enough to September should I wait? Your loving nephew, Sean Dear Sean, Auntie considers the likelihood of Apple releasing an actual consumer electronics TV to be as likely as D...

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Create quality iPad 2 product demos with Apple TV and EyeTV

After much effort, we've found a solid TUAW solution for screencasting the iPad 2 to desktop computers. Steve Sande and I have been documenting our attempts at this challenge for several months now. Back in March, Steve got basic 480p mirroring working. I then improved that to 720p/720i, alth...

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If you install iOS 5, you can't go back... maybe (Updated)

Update: Some of our Twitter buddies have noted that you should be able to use the TinyUmbrella tool to kick out of the 'error 1' loop that results after restoring an iOS 5 iPhone back to 4.3.3, and proceed safely from there. Needless to say, your mileage may vary. We knew the pre-release buil...

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Seas0nPass jailbreak app for Apple TV now available

The folks at fireCore have released Seas0nPass, a jailbreak application for the second generation Apple TV. Seas0nPass is a tethered jailbreak solution that requires you to connect your Apple TV to your computer briefly during boot. Similar to the Pwnage tool app, the jailbreak application lets you ...

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DVDs are playing back on my Apple TV using AirFlick and AirPlay!

The Unicorn has landed! Rainbows! Starshine! Skittle poo! It's like Christmas! So why this exuberance and excitement? My Apple TV is right now, this very second, even as we speak, playing back a DVD of Finding Nemo. It's seriously awesome. Why watch a DVD on a laptop when you can ...

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Apple TV plays live-converted AVI files using Air Video Server, AirPlayer, and AirFlick

Although I knew that the AirFlick video tool I posted about earlier today could theoretically pass transcoded video streams to Apple TV for playback, my initial attempts with VideoLAN Client transcoding more or less went nowhere. Then, TUAW reader BC reposted a comment earlier this evening that he o...

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AirFlick turns Macintosh into an AirPlay data server

If you own a Macintosh and an Apple TV, I have created a new tool that allows you to stream data outside of iTunes. It's called AirFlick, and it's now available in alpha form for download and testing. Last week, I put together a related application called AirPlayer that allows you to stream vide...

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Apple TV Hacking: Spelunking into the AirPlay video service

When Apple announced its new iOS 4.2 feature set, Apple TV's AirPlay video service really caught our attention. That's why we were particularly disappointed when 4.2 debuted on Monday -- only Apple's own applications could ship video from iDevices to the 2nd generation Apple TV; third party app...

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Apple TV hacking: Wiimote footage

Do you remember about a year ago when we showed you a Wiimote working as an iPhone input device ? Jump forward to the new era of Apple TV 2. Developer hacker Tom Cool from the #awkwardtv channel on has cross-compiled that demo for the ATV 2. You can see it in action in this newl...

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Pwnage tool 4.1 released

Pwnapple heads rejoice. The iPhone dev team has just released PwnageTool 4.1 for Mac OS X. Updated to use the recent geohot limera1n exploit, the new tool provides 4.1 jailbreaks for the Apple TV 2G, iPad (3.2.2), iPod touch (3G, 4G), and iPhone (4, 3GS, and 3G). For download details, please hop ...

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Apple TV Hacks: Ports and wikis

The Apple TV jailbreak community remains in a holding pattern. As yet, the greenp0ison and limera1n jailbreak tools do not install command-line/full file access to the box, a precondition for most kinds of application development. That doesn't mean there aren't interesting events going on, however. ...

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Apple TV hacking update: Bluetooth, white lists, ports, cables

We continue to keep track of Apple TV's hacking potential; here's another quick update of the new hardware. iFixit confirms that there's an on-board Bluetooth chip: "The Broadcom BCM4329XKUBG 802.11n Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM chip on the Panasonic board is exactly the same as the one we found on the iPa...

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