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Apple TV Hacks calls for help to polish the USB drive hack

Two days after Apple TV Hacks published the much sought-after USB hard drive hack for the Apple TV, the site is making a call for help to polish the modification. For now, the hack isn't for the faint of heart - it requires some mucking around at the command line, not to mention an Intel Mac to appl...

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Apple TV USB hard drive patch has arrived!

We are very pleased to report that Apple TV Hacks has published the long-anticipated USB hard drive hack for the Apple TV, allowing users to plug in an external hard drive to overcome the device's disappointing storage limitations. As with any hacks of this nature, however, the same 'hacker beware' ...

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Apple TV hacks coming fast and furious: VLC, SSH, VNC, Apache and more

The Apple TV hacks are coming fast and furious as recorded on both the Something Awful thread we already told you about, and at the Apple TV Hacks blog. Over at Something Awful, user macado shows the Apple TV successfully decoding a 720p XviD clip using the open source VLC player (though only for 6...

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