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Five iPad accessories to be available at launch

There will be five Apple-branded iPad accessories available at launch. We already mentioned a few of them earlier, but here is the complete rundown (with official product photos): iPad Keyboard Dock The Keyboard Dock is a dock for charging your iPad, integrated with a full-size keyboard. The doc...

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Post-keynote TUAW prediction scorecard: How did we do?

Yesterday we pooled our predictions together to try and predict what would happen at the iPad presentation today. How did we all do? Sang Tang: Sang was the closest in terms of the iPad's screen size -- 9.6" prediction vs. 9.7" actual size. However, the iPad has neither wireless HDMI nor a fro...

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Apple's official iPad video, specs page

Apple has updated their website with all kinds of fun iPad information, including an official specs page and the video that was shown at the end of today's event. The thing looks just plain beautiful, but then again this is basically their first ad for the "magical and revolutionary" device, so you...

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iPad will ship with 802.11n Wi-Fi, 3G optional

I've been unhappy with the 802.11g Wi-Fi in iPhones and iPod touches, so I was quite happy to see that the iPad will have 802.11 a/b/g/n built in. This will allow everyone running an 802.11n network to no longer cripple your upload and download speed as is the case if you have an an iPhone or iPod ...

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iPhone OS 3.2 SDK released, supports iPad but covered by NDA

The Apple Developer Center is providing iPhone OS 3.2 beta, complete with iPad developer guides and support for Apple's latest creation. Unfortunately, just as Apple has done in the past, they have enshrouded the details of developing for the iPad in yet another NDA, preventing developers from discu...

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AAPL goes on a roller-coaster ride

The above image from SingularityDsgn graphically shows the wild roller-coaster ride that Apple's stock has been on today. It traded at roughly 1.5% below Tuesday's closing price heading into today's iPad announcement, but started climbing during the iBooks announcement. AAPL's stock took a major ...

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Apple announces keyboard dock for iPad

Apple announced a few accessories for the iPad today, including an iPad Keyboard Dock. This will be welcome news for those of us who just can't get on board with an on-screen keyboard. When in the keyboard dock, the iPad sits upright, giving a more traditional laptop feel to the device. No word yet...

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Apple announces new version of iWork apps for iPad

iWork wasn't the first thing that came to mind when thinking of the new features the iPad would have, but Steve Jobs thought of it and told Apple's design team to create a version specifically tailored to the iPad's strengths. A new version of iWorks now exists for the iPad, and it includes the same...

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Apple announces the iPad

It's finally here. At their event in San Francisco, Apple has officially announced their tablet computer, which they're calling the iPad. Fully customizable, and better than a smartphone or a laptop at browsing, reading e-books, and a "great maps application with support from Google[...]." We're wat...

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