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Lego Apple II is gorgeous

Lego: nothing is quite as appealing to grown-up nerds. This love affair is magnified when the brick-based creation is a piece of Apple history. This awesome mix of bricks and computer memorabilia is showcased in this replica of an Apple II by Chiu-Kueng Tsang. When assembled, this Lego creati...

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YouTube playlist: Apple II games

Hey, it's Friday! Besides Tim Cook going on a media tour recently there's not much going on, so let's reminisce. I grew up with an Apple II and this video playlist of old games for the venerable platform had me watching in awe as someone with more skill than I deftly played through games like A...

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Apple II torn down, restored to glory

Todd Harrison got his hands on an old Apple II and meticulously restored the computer to working condition. He details the process in a lengthy blog post that covers everything from cleaning the external case to inspecting the layout of the logic board. It's more than just a simple tear-down,...

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Original source code for Prince of Persia posted to Github

Before Ubisoft, there was Jordan Mechner, a Yale University graduate and video game designer. He may not be a household name among younger Apple fans, but vintage Apple aficionados fondly remember his first title, Prince of Persia. The story about this game took an interesting twist recently wh...

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Happy 35th birthday, Apple II

Harry McCracken has a nice write up on the debut, evolution and legacy of the Apple II (or, ][ as I like to call it). The Apple II was unveiled 35 years ago, and it ushered in the home computing revolution. I am a product of that revolution, as my dad bought an Apple ][ in 1978 and it sits by...

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Early Apple employee Jerry Manock remembers Steve Jobs

When you think of notable, early Apple employees, you think of the big names like Steve Wozniak, Andy Hertzfeld, and John Sculley. Beyond these key names are a multitude of lesser-known people who played a crucial role in the early years of the company. One such employee is Jerry Manock, who worke...

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iStation iPad dock is retro-Apple cool

You were probably born too late to have purchased one of the first computers out of Apple -- the original Apple I. This machine came as a set of completed circuit boards that you had to build your own case for. Many early owners of the US$666.66 computer used wood for the case, since it was che...

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Apple II owners assemble for concert

Apple II owners and enthusiasts in the greater Los Angeles area must clear their calendar this Saturday night. The folks from the Machine Project are trying to organize an evening concert featuring the iconic Apple II. Starting at 8 PM PT on June 25, a 16-step sequencer developed by Jason Tor...

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Player piano rolls made on a Mac... and an Apple II

I'm a big fan of the Canadian TV series How It's Made, shown in the USA on the Science Channel. There's something hypnotic and soothing about all those lathes, molds, conveyors and such, producing the things that we all take for granted. One of the older episodes was on this weekend, featuring t...

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Found Footage: The Oregon Trail-er

Were you one of the millions of American kids who grew up playing MECC's classic educational video game The Oregon Trail? Several TUAW bloggers remember spending hours in front of an Apple II coaxing their pioneers ever Westward, only to have them die of snakebite, dysentery, or cholera. Wel...

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Apple's original tablet

In 1979, the Apple II Plus was a badass piece of hardware, and the Apple Graphics Tablet was a flashy accessory. At $650US, it let users sketch with a wired stylus. Measuring 3/4 in x 15 1/2 in x 15 3/4 in, the Graphics Tablet was eventually discontinued when the FCC discovered that it caused radio ...

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Visua Mobile's old Apples collection

A couple of months ago I wound up in Paris and received a surprising direct message via Twitter from a young employee at Visua Mobile. Having nothing better to do in the City of Light, I wound up at their offices. I'm often suspect when a "mobile" development company rings me about their iPhone stab...

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TUAW Bookshelf: Apple II Reference Manual

TUAW BOOKSHELF Apple was kind enough to include a veritable encyclopedia of information with my Apple ][. Inside the big, red manual, you'll find complete step-by-step instructions for setting up the machine, adjusting a tape recorder for optimal use, plenty of programs to get you started, and a h...

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Why not: A Mac mini inside an Apple Disk ][ enclosure

During last night's talkcast, we debated the validity of the most recent Mac mini rumors. I was in the "No Way" camp. I'm sure there's a new mini in the works, but I don't think that's it. At least, the machine depicted in that video isn't what will be offered to customers. I mean ... five USB ports...

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Apple II: Put the Zoid back in Zoidberg

Dr. John Zoidberg is my TV Boyfriend. My husband knows, accepts, and understands. So imagine my surprise when TV Squad's Richard Keller posted about how Futurama's Zoidberg got his name. Sure, yadi yadi background stuff and then...Apple II assembly language? Wow cool! Futurama creator David X Cohe...

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