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Tag: appleii

BlueFlash: Bluetooth for the Apple II

Never say die to the old Apple II. A hacker named Vinchysky has melded a Disk ][ controller card with a Xilinx FPGA, which in normal-person-speak means he's enabled you to plug a Bluetooth dongle into an Apple II. The hookup itself is basically just a USB connection, so you could conceivably trans...

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Apple leads PC World's 50 Best Tech Products of All Time

Everybody likes lists and rankings; there's just something that fascinates people about them, and they're always good for an argument or, as the case may be, selling magazines. Squarely in this latter camp is PC World's list of the Best 50 Tech Products of All Time, which editor Harry McCracken writ...

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Widget Watch: Apple][Go

My grammar school memories are filled with many happy hours spent in the computer lab staring at a green monochromatic Apple ][e with dual floppy drives. I can't tell you how many times I died of dysentery, or where the heck Carmen Sandiego was but I had a great time. Now, my misspent youth is only ...

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Blast from the Past: Apple II Commercial with Dick Cavett

It's the "appliance for the '80s". Or so Dick Cavett would have had us believe. This is an actual Apple II commercial from waybackwhen(TM), pointing out all the advantages an Apple computer could make in our lives. Like balancing the budget. And tracking recipes. Fortunately, the commercial's wri...

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Apple II game server

I was just looking into buying an Apple II for a nefarious project of my own when Eliot, of Hackaday, sent us a link to this post. An Apple II game server? How sweet is that? All you need is the Java program, a null modem cable, and the ability to make the Apple II accept serial commands. After that...

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Flickr Find: Old Apple wrench

How's this for vintage Apple hardware? While looking through the Macintosh Flickr group, I came across this gem that fits in perfectly with our vintage Mac theme. The photographer, jotefa, writes that it's a 5mm wrench that came with the serial interface card for his Apple ][. Hold on to that, jotef...

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Rig of the Day: Blast from the past

Here's one for Apple's pending anniversary. Flickr user and TUAW reader jcburns posted this shot of his desk circa 1985. Note the Apple ][, Mac Plus, IBM Electronic Selectric typewriter and floppies! Enlarge the picture up to see "1984" on the desk calendar. That was a pretty sweet setup ...

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PodBrix to offer Wozwear T-shirts

The folks at PodBrix have done it again. PodBrix occasionally releases limited-run, Apple-themed Lego minifigs. Previous releases have included Woz, Steve delivering a keynote and "Mr. Brix," which is a small figure that attaches to your headphone cord. On January 17th at 9:00 PM EST, they...

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