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Apple patent application reveals tiny audio jacks

Apple's developers have been shrinking the iPod with nearly every update, yet they aren't done. This week, AppleInsider has discovered a patent application that reveals even smaller audio jacks that could be used in future, tinier iPods. To understand how, we must discuss pogo pins and cantilever be...

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Analyst: iPad to sell 28m in 2011, impacting PC market

Both All Things D and AppleInsider report that, according to the analyst Maynard Um at UBS Investment research, the iPad is having a negative impact on the PC market. In a note to his clients, the analyst Um says, "Sales of traditional notebooks appear to be feeling pressure from the iPad, causing a...

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Confirmed: Game Center for 2nd gen iPod touch, not iPhone 3G

Good news for 2nd generation iPod touch users! As reported by AppleInsider and MacDailyNews, the 2nd generation iPod touch will be compatible with Game Center, Apple's new gaming and social networking application, but the iPhone 3G will not. Other compatible iOS devices are the 3rd and 4th gener...

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Rumor: Apple prepping HDMI Macs

The picture above comes from AppleInsider, who are claiming that Apple is about to release a Mac mini with an HDMI port in place of the current DVI connector. And that sound you just heard was hundreds of thousands of mini-based entertainment center owners everywhere crying out in excitement, as a ...

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27-inch iMac shipping delays extended 3 more weeks

Did you order one of those sweet 27-inch iMacs from the Apple online store recently? Well, if you did, expect to see a delay in getting it. AppleInsider is reporting that the 27-inch models currently have a three-week shipping time. Earlier this week, Apple's web store showed estimated shipping t...

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Apple 'experts' coming to a store near you

Along with the "Geniuses" and "Creatives" currently available at the Apple Store, there's a new type of employee that'll be wandering the store floors. Apple "Experts" are set to debut in about two weeks at retail locations around the country. The men and women selected as Experts will move up into ...

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Jobs chosen as best performing CEO

Congrats to Steve Jobs, who's got another award to put on all the mantles he must have to hold all of the awards he's picked up: he's been chosen as the best performing CEO in the world by the Harvard Business Review. They cite AAPL's "whopping 3,188% industry-adjusted return (34% compounded annuall...

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Apple seeds new Snow Leopard 10.6.2 beta to developers

The betas of the next Snow Leopard update continue at a fast and furious pace. Apple has reportedly begun seeding a new build of Mac OS X 10.6.2 to developers, just one week after the previous beta. The new potential release focuses on graphics issues, specifically relating to drivers, QuartzCore...

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WaPo: DOJ preparing antitrust probe for Apple, among others

Apple, Google, Yahoo! and Genentech are subjects of a fresh antitrust investigation surrounding hiring and recruiting practices among companies in the tech industry, according to Washington Post staff writer Cecilia Kang. "By agreeing not to hire away top talent, the companies could be stifling com...

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Munster: Apple suppliers negotiating parts deals for sub-$700 tablet

In a research note to clients, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster suggested that Apple is developing a 7-to-10-inch tablet priced at $500 to $700, perhaps ready for the public in 2010. According to AppleInsider, Munster's contacts in the supply chain haven't seen a prototype of the device, but are ...

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Rumor of a 15-inch MacBook Air: Take it lightly

On Friday, AppleInsider noted that, a hit-and-miss Chinese rumor blog, claims a 15-inch MacBook Air is on the way. The post in Chinese (and a copy run through Google Translate) is available. The site claims the new Air will use low-voltage Intel Core 2 processors, and will be geared for "t...

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Mac mini, Apple TV to use new Ion platform?

Tom's Hardware says that Apple will use NVIDIA's Ion platform in an updated Mac mini, and AppleInsider says it could also be used in an updated Apple TV. NVIDIA's Ion platform is a low-cost, small-form-factor logic board that includes both an NVIDIA graphics processor and Intel CPU (among other thi...

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'Marble' to be the next look-and-feel for Mac OS X?

Snow Leopard, the next major version of Mac OS X, will include minor tweaks to the user interface, according to MacRumors' Arnold Kim. "The new theme will likely involve tweaks to the existing design and perhaps a 'flattening' of Aqua in-line with Apple's iTunes and iPhoto interface elements," Kim ...

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Shrouded Macworld banners ready for Tuesday

This is how you know you're an Apple fan: AppleInsider's pictures of covered banners at Moscone Center make you desperately want to know what's on them. Five 60-foot banners grace the South hall, while Apple's booth on the expo floor has massive banners hanging from the ceiling, hidden behind black...

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Black Friday: Best Buy discounting up to $150 off, Apple retail will match prices

AppleInsider, MediaBistro and more are all pointing to some sweet Best Buy discounts on Apple products for Black Friday weekend that include laptop and desktop computers. Sale prices are good online and in-store. Best Buy apparently stocked up on inventory to support the event. Apple employees will ...

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