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Original 3G iPad owners get eligibility claim forms for proposed settlement

Yesterday, those who had ordered an original 3G-enabled iPad on or before June 7, 2010, received an email outlining the details of a proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit. As you may recall, AT&T offered unlimited iPad data plans when the tablet first appeared in 2010, but quickly pull...

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Class action against Apple and others in anti-poaching lawsuit given the green light

A class action lawsuit against Apple, Google and a number of other high-profile tech companies has been given the green light by US District Judge Lucy Koh. The lawsuit stems from anti-poaching agreements that Apple and a number of other tech companies entered into from 2005 through 2009. Parties t...

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Judge appoints external monitor to ensure Apple complies with antitrust laws

This past July, US District Judge Denise Cote found Apple guilty of colluding with book publishers in an effort to raise the price of e-books across the industry. Following that, the Department of Justice proposed a wide array of remedies to ensure that Apple wouldn't run afoul of antitrust laws in ...

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Apple hit with second class action suit regarding overtime pay

For the second time, Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit from a former employee who claims that he was not fairly compensated for "off the clock" activities that should have been subject to overtime pay. Recall that a similar suit was filed against Apple back in July of this year. Th...

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Scott Forstall may re-emerge as witness in upcoming Apple/Samsung trial on damages

Since his unceremonious firing last October, we haven't heard a peep from or about former Apple executive Scott Forstall. If you recall, rumor has it that Tim Cook effectively told Forstall to take a permanent vacation after the long-time Steve Jobs protégé refused to sign off on a l...

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Apple asks for sanctions after Samsung executives improperly looked at Apple's licensing agreement with Nokia

During the course of Apple's original patent lawsuit with Samsung, the South Korea-based tech conglomerate routinely raised the ire of Apple's legal team for engaging in behavior that was ethically questionable at best. Apple, for instance, accused Samsung of purposefully destroying evidence it wa...

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Judge tosses out Apple's motion regarding Lodsys

Apple licensed US Patent #772,078 from original owner Intellectual Ventures to allow for in-app purchases of iOS apps. The patent, now owned by Lodsys, covers "Methods and systems for gathering information from units of a commodity across a network." Lodsys started suing iOS developers for patent ...

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Brazilian judge whacks IGB Electronica in iPhone trademark lawsuit

Apple has won its appeal against IGB Electronica in Brazil regarding the "iPhone" name in that country, according to BNAmericas. The company had been locked in a lawsuit with Brazilian company IGB Electronica, which was granted the Brazilian iPhone trademark in 2007. IGB originally applied for the...

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Apple accuses Samsung of trying to include 'prior art' evidence in upcoming damages trial

In August of 2012, a jury awarded Apple US$1.05 billion in damages after finding that Samsung smartphones infringed upon a number of Apple patents. Since then, the total award amount has been in flux. In July of this year, Judge Lucy Koh lowered the damages award by $450 million on account of jur...

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Court lifts injunction barring iCloud mail push notifications in Germany

Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents is reporting that a German court this week lifted an injunction which precluded iOS users in Germany from receiving iCloud mail push notifications. The injunction had been in place for about 18 months before being suspended this week. Recall that the patent underlyin...

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Apple sued over Find my iPhone

Well this is certainly a fitting story given a recent report that Apple remains the top target for patent trolls. GigaOM is reporting that a nonpracticing entity based out of Texas is suing Apple, alleging that services such as Find my Friends and Find my iPhone infringe upon their patents. The com...

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Court: Apple needs monitoring after 'blatant' e-book price fixing

Following Judge Denise Cote's ruling that Apple conspired with book publishers to increase the price of e-books across the board, the DOJ put forth a proposal intent on rectifying the damage caused by Apple's actions. The proposal was extremely far-reaching, and called for Apple to allow competitor...

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Case alleging Apple has monopoly over the App Store dismissed on procedural grounds

In 2011, a group of attorneys filed a bizarre lawsuit against Apple alleging that Apple holds a monopoly over the App Store to the extent any one who wants to purchase an iOS app must go through Apple's App Store. Consequently, the lawsuit took umbrage with the fact that developers wishing to sell i...

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Judge to determine damages in Apple e-book case

The Mac Observer's Jeff Gamet has written a thoughtful analysis of the continuing Department of Justice legal battle against Apple regarding e-book pricing. As you'll remember, Judge Denise Cote found Apple guilty of conspiring with a group of book publishers to raise book prices. Now Judge Cote h...

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Judge denies Apple request in e-book case

The first of the many Apple legal rulings and requests expected today came out poorly for the company. Judge Denise Cote refused a request by Apple for a temporary suspension of her ruling last month stating that Apple had conspired with publishers to raise e-book prices and violated antitrust law...

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