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TUAW Tip: An easier way to email your logs

Since we play around with a lot of pre-release and beta software in the name of you readers, we often have to email logs to developers to help them iron out quirks that help an app get all growed up from alpha to beta and to the big release version. As any of you who have gone through this kind of...

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Emailing entire Webpages (not just links)

Here's a little-promoted Safari function that you might find useful. Safari offers the ability to send entire webpages via email. This is a nice feature to have on hand when you want to create a web archive using your gmail acccount or when you know the person receiving your mail won't necessarily c...

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Top 8 reasons Mail.app sucks

It looks like we here at TUAW are not the only ones who aren't thrilled with Mail.app (I, personally, use Entourage but that's a different post entirely).%uFFFD Someone has posted their top 8 reasons Mail.app sucks. They probably could have pushed their way to 10, but top 10 lists are so 'played,' a...

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