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The parallels between Angela Ahrendts tenure at Burberry and Steve Jobs' return to Apple

The more I read about Angela Ahrendts, Apple's new retail hire, the more it becomes clear that she will be a valued and effective addition to Apple's executive team. What's more, Ahrendts views on retail and the consumer experience seem to align quite well with Apple's unique culture. This is not ...

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What it's like to work Apple retail on iPhone day

Apple retail stores are typically crowded. On iPhone release day, however, they turn into absolute zoos, with stores packed to the brim and lines often extending out of the store. Now that the iPhone is more than 6 years old, the hysteria surrounding an iPhone launch has subsided a tad. Still, it...

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In email to employees, Tim Cook calls Angela Ahrendts "wicked smart"

After a search that took nearly a year, Apple announced today that Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts will be joining Apple this spring, where she will take on the role of senior VP of Retail and Online Stores. Earlier today, Tim Cook sent out a company-wide email announcing the hire and praising Ahren...

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Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to join Apple as Senior VP of Retail and Online Stores

Burberry has confirmed that Angela Ahrendts will be stepping down from her role as CEO and will be joining Apple as the company's senior VP of Retail. Apple of course has been without a retail chief since Tim Cook unceremoniously gave John Browett a pink slip nearly one year ago. Browett's tenure ...

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Apple hit with second class action suit regarding overtime pay

For the second time, Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit from a former employee who claims that he was not fairly compensated for "off the clock" activities that should have been subject to overtime pay. Recall that a similar suit was filed against Apple back in July of this year. Th...

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Apple launches iPhone trade-in program in the UK

Apple has officially launched its iPhone trade-in program in the UK. Officially called the Reuse and Recycling Program, the initiative allows users to receive in-store credit for their current mobile phone to use towards the purchase of a new iPhone. The iPhone trade-in program has been live in th...

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iPhone 5s now shipping in 2 to 3 weeks

Good news to all of you still trying to get your hands on the new iPhone 5s; Apple's official ship times in the US online store now list the flagship iPhone as shipping in two to three weeks. That goes for all models of the iPhone 5s, in all storage sizes and all colors -- including gold. The two...

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Apple to open first retail store in Turkey in January 2014

As it stands today, there are 416 Apple retail stores around the world spread out across 13 countries. Soon, that number will be 14 with word that Turkey will be graced with its first Apple retail store in just a few months. Set to open up at the Zorlu Center in Istanbul in January of 2014, the ret...

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Apple's online store is down

A number of readers have emailed to tell us that Apple's online store is down. Apple usually takes the store down for maintenance or right before the introduction of a new product. There's no telling for which reason the store is down this time, but if it were to be down for a product update, it w...

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Apple's relocated Palisades store to open in West Nyack, NY on October 10

Apple announced that its relocated Palisades store will be opening three miles away on Thursday in its new location in West Nyack, NY. The move will give the former Palisades store more visibility and foot traffic, as it will be in the new open-air shopping center "The Shops at Nanuet," which also...

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Tim Kobe: Apple Store chain not evolving

Tim Kobe is the co-founder of the design firm 8 Inc., and was one of the early designers involved in the Apple Store. Interviewed by the Dezeen website after the Inside interior design conference in Singapore, Kobe said that Apple's retail experience is "not evolving as fast as it could be." Kobe...

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Easy way to check iPhone 5s in-store availability near you

If you are in the USA and trying to buy an iPhone 5s, head over to, enter your zip code, cellphone carrier and pick a color, and then it will show you availability at Apple Stores "near you." I used the site to find a Verizon, 16 GB, Space Gray iPhone 5s in my a...

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'Surprise' Apple Store to open in Nanuet, New York

When a new Apple Store is planned and construction begins, there's usually a notice on ifoAppleStore -- the web's go-to site for Apple Store information -- and lots of speculation about when the new retail outlet will open. Well, even ifoAppleStore was surprised by an announcement of a new Apple S...

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Apple patents Shanghai Apple Store's glass cylinder entryway

It's no secret that Apple devotes a lot of attention to the design of its retail stores. From the type of wood that graces the tabletops to the design of the staircases within, nothing is overlooked. One of Apple's most unique retail stores is its Shanghai location, notable for its impressive and...

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In-store pickup option for the iPhone 5s returns

On account of limited supply, or perhaps unprecedented demand, Apple's flagship iPhone 5s has been tough to come by. Of course, Apple has likely shipped millions of iPhone 5s units at this point, but walking into an Apple Store and picking up the exact iPhone 5s model you want still requires some pa...

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