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Tag: appletablet

The future of television is really the present

Editor's Note: There has been a lot of speculation around the future of Apple TV, even though Apple has called it a "hobby" for now. There has also been an extraordinary amount of speculation around an Apple-branded tablet device. Josh Doody has a background in technology, with undergraduate degrees...

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Secret source gives iLounge some Apple tablet rumor love

Those of us in the Mac rumor and news business (is there a difference?) love it when we get a good tip, especially when that tip is from someone who has given us good, solid info in the past. iLounge featured a post last night called "Ten New Details on the Apple Tablet" that passed along some...

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Rumors: Apple Tablet

And now for something completely different, a TUAW rumor post that's not about an upcoming iPhone. Nope, today's rumor concerns an Apple Tablet computer. Over the weekend, Smarthouse reported that Apple had built a tablet PC prototype that was being costed out by several Taiwanese companies. The...

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More Apple tablet rumors

Here's the rumor that won't go away. United States Patent Application #20060026536 (which features the signature of Jonathan Ive) concerns "...Methods and systems for processing touch inputs are disclosed. The invention in one respect includes reading data from a multipoint sensing device...

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