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360iDev: Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK

There are always a few SDK vendors lurking around any developer convention, and 360iDev is no different. However, unlike a lot of programs that work as a go-between for the iPhone Software Development Kit and some other language ("middleware," in developer-speak), Ansca Mobile isn't worried about t...

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Should the ESRB be on the App Store?

Here's an interesting topic of discussion from Slide to Play: Now that Apple seems to be going all-in on gaming with its Game Center app, should the Entertainment Software Ratings Board start looking at App Store games? The ESRB is the self-regulatory industry group that's responsible for passin...

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Amazon stealthily releases Kindle app for Mac

The app allows you to download Kindle books you already own, and read them at leisure on your Mac; synchronization of your progress through the book is automatic, and will keep track with your Kindle or iPhone reading. It displays your bookmarks and highlights from your Kindle reading sessions, but ...

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MaComfort brings a little Mac back to your PC

Let's face it -- as much as we love our Macs, sometimes you've got to use a PC, whether that be for work or at a friend's house, or just for playing some games. But when you absolutely must use Windows, maComfort can make the transition easier. It's a free Windows application (with some premium opt...

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MacUpdate Desktop version 5.0.2 released, win a membership from TUAW

MacUpdate announced today the release of version 5.0.2 of the MacUpdate Desktop utility, which allows users to manage application and widget software updates on their Mac OS X machines. The new version of the application adds some features and bug fixes as well as support for more languages. MacU...

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Volkswagen launches free version of Real Racing to promote 2010 GTI

Volkswagen knows something other car manufacturers don't: they needn't spend millions of dollars on commercials, billboards, and product placement to launch a new car. They just need to make an iPhone application, like Volkswagen has for their latest model, the 2010 GTI, and the money will follow....

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New 'Pub Finder' app helps you find a Guinness

Some of us here at TUAW have been known to hoist a pint or two of a frosty beverage now and again. When doing so there's quite a few selections from which to choose to satisfy that urge for something cold and refreshing. One choice often made by me personally is Guinness. But what if I want a Guinne...

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Ralph Lauren launches Make Your Own Rugby app

During the existence of the iPhone, shopping has always been the domain of Safari. Browsing web-based stores could be extremely awkward, thanks to bitty drop-down menus and inadvertent "quick views" of garments that you can't seem to click out of. No longer, my fellow clotheshorses. Today, Ralph Lau...

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Several ways to get Snow Leopard for free (plus a Freeway Express giveaway)

Softpress, developer of the popular Freeway Pro and Freeway Express web development applications, wants you to get Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard for free. Now through September 30, 2009, they're offering a free copy of Snow Leopard with every full-priced retail copy of Freeway Pro or Express purchas...

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Notify keeps an eye on your Gmail inbox

I, like many people, am constantly checking my email. No matter where I am, I'm either getting messages pushed to my iPhone or Mail is checking for new ones every minute. A new app is promising to make using Gmail and checking for messages much, much easier. Notify, a new free application by V...

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CourseSmart brings textbooks to an iPhone near you

The electronic textbooks pandemic, er, market, continues to spread its influence to handheld gadgets: PC World reports that CourseSmart, an e-textbook publisher, has created an iPhone application, eTextbooks for the iPhone [iTunes link], to make its entire 7,000+ title catalog available on your ind...

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Create unique avatars and contact pics with Persona

Some people like to have unique avatars for forums and instant messaging clients. I don't. My avatars usually end up being silly pictures of myself because I'm a shallow narcissist...and a bit lazy. However, for those more creative than I, Persona [iTunes link] is a nice iPhone app in which to inves...

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Mac 101: Getting the most out of

Welcome back to Mac 101, our series of posts aimed at novice Mac users and veterans who like the occasional refresher. Mac OS X is equipped with a dictionary application that does pretty much what you'd expect, and a few things you might not. Here's how you can get the most out of Dictionary. Most ...

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Devs at WWDC: Show us your apps!

Are you attending WWDC? Do you have a Mac desktop or iPhone app you'd like to show the world? Well join TUAW on June 11 at the Metreon (the big silver building right next door to the Moscone, where Jillian's is housed), where we'll have a camera ready for your close-up. We'll have a small table near...

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Starmap up for Arthur Clarke award

We've posted about Starmap before -- it's a full-featured map of the sky on your iPhone that will let you find stars, constellations, and "deep sky" objects in the blanket overhead. Despite a few glitches and slowdowns, the app is pretty popular, and now it could be the only iPhone app nominated for...

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