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Voices that Matter iPhone: How Ben Newhouse created Yelp Monocle, and the future of AR

Yelp's Ben Newhouse (who is actually still a student at Stanford) gave a fascinating talk this weekend at the Seattle Voices that Matter iPhone conference. He talked about Yelp Monocle, the augmented reality (AR) iPhone app that he created, and revealed the surprising (and somewhat scandalous) stor...

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SecondBar puts your menu bar on a second monitor

The menu bar is a quintessential piece of the Mac "experience." On the left, it shows all of the menu items for the currently active application; on the right, it shows icons from various menu bar application programs: the date/time, WiFi status, MobileMe sync status, and many, many more. The who...

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iPhone app ecosystem bigger than Facebook's app space

Last week at GDC, I joked that I really only heard about two things every day: Facebook and the iPhone. Of course, that's because I was mostly there to cover iPhone gaming (and certainly there were plenty of traditional game developers in the house), but those two platforms are definitely the hottes...

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SDK devsugar: Re-signing applications

TUAW's devsugar series helps introduce developers to tools and tricks that they might not yet be familiar with. Today's tip centers on signing already-compiled and already-signed applications with a new custom signature. A while back, I posted about a way to sign already-compiled applications wit...

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iPhone apps for the college student

So you're in college and just got a fancy new iPhone for the holidays. Sure, Flight Control and maybe the TUAW app are already on your home screen, but a few "educational" apps may help mom and dad feel like they got their money's worth. Here's a breakdown of some of the best iPhone applications for...

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TUAW Livechat: Promoting your App Store products

<a href="" >App Store Promotion Clinic</a> Welcome to our informal App Store promotion clinic! Today, we'll be chatting with Brian Akaka of Appular and our ow...

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Join us Friday for a TUAW livechat: App promotion clinic

Are you an App Store developer? Looking to learn how to promote your application? Join us on Friday, January 15, 2010 at 12PM Eastern Time (9 AM Pacific Time) for an informal marketing clinic right here on TUAW. We'll be chatting about marketing and promoting apps. On hand, we'll have experts Brian ...

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The confusing art of installing apps

John Gruber of Daring Fireball recently wrote an essay about quirks and user confusion around the application install process on Mac OS X. He had read a post from Alexander Limi's blog about the Firefox install experience, and decided to address it as a system-wide discussion. After this, Andy K...

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Pixelmator 1.5 Spider update out

The Pixelmator team has released another update to my favorite little photo editor. Pixelmator 1.5 Spider brings a host of web exporting and sharing options, including a new "Save for Web" feature and the option to send a picture straight to Mail or iPhoto. Additionally, there's a new Trim tool th...

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Getting ready for Snow Leopard: Think about your applications

Ahhhh, there's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that tomorrow I will be spending much of the day upgrading the Macs in my house to Snow Leopard. I received an email from Apple this morning telling me that Snow Leopard had shipped, so now I just need to be available to sign for the package t...

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TUAW Tip: Going to sleep with the iPhone

Since I often listen to music while falling asleep (especially on trips -- maybe it makes me feel more at home), I was happy to see this tip, sent to us by reader Mark S. He points out that there is a sleep timer on the iPhone, but it's not in the iPod app. It's hidden over in the Clock app -- once ...

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"Pull My Finger" returns to the App Store

MacRumors reports that the developer of the "Pull My Finger" iPhone application was finally accepted by Apple. You may recall that Apple banned the application from the App Store a few months ago due to "Limited Utility." It looks as though Apple has changed its mind about the application, and has d...

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Apple launches "iPhone Your Life" site

Are you looking for good iPhone application recommendations? While you could look at our App Store section to find reviews, you can also turn to a new section on Apple's website. "iPhone Your Life," as it's called, allows you to see applications as they relate to different parts of your life. App...

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Great iPhone applications for parents

Our sister site ParentDish has posted an article on their favorite iPhone/iPod touch applications for parents. As an iPhone-toting dad, I've used mine to keep the little nippers busy with cute applications, but Sarah James has found even better options, including Baby Monitor Did you forget to br...

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First Look: Shelf Life

There are many iPhone applications geared towards helping you shop at the grocery store, but none of them can track how old your food in the fridge is. A new application called Shelf Life [iTunes link] hopes to help you out in this area. Shelf Life keeps an inventory of your perishable groceries an...

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