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Need to crop or add zoom to a video after the fact? Try Video Zoom

Video Zoom (US$1.99) is a just released app that will let you take an existing video and crop it, or add a smooth zoom. The app also lets you record a new video from within the app. Give the app access to your camera roll, and you will see thumbnails of all your existing videos. Tap a thumbnail a...

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Pebble updates its iOS app and launches smartwatch appstore

Pebble announced last week that it was rolling out its smartwatch appstore on Monday and now the repository is available for Pebble owners to explore. The appstore is bundled into the Pebble smartwatch app for the iPhone and lets owners browse through a catalog of new content for the original Pebb...

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Games finally appear in South Africa's App Store

Developers across the globe are now able to sell their iOS games in the South African App Store. The move was announced in an email to developers and first noted by 9to5Mac. In the email, Apple said: We're pleased to announce that games are now available on the South African App Store. All apps ...

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In-app purchases may [not] be the way of the future

iOS app developer Jeremy Olson of Tapity has written an interesting article on how developers can survive selling apps and yep, paid apps are dead. (Tapity wrote Languages, Grades 3 and Hours, all available in the App Store.) Olson cites anecdotal evidence that people are not buying apps in the q...

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Apple hires Toronto Blue Jays assistant GM to manage Sports section of the App Store

The Toronto Blue Jays' Assistant General Manager Jay Sartori is leaving the team to become the manager of the Sports section of Apple's App Store, according to As Shi Davidi first reported: The Toronto Blue Jays are on the lookout for a new assistant general manager with Jay Sartor...

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Instagram gets the iOS 7 treatment

Next in the long line of popular iOS apps revamping their looks for Apple's newest mobile OS is Instagram, which just rolled out a new version of its photo-sharing app. Version 4.2.0 adds larger images and a more straightforward interface as well as flatter textures -- all of which help it fit in...

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Apple launches 'Kids' category on App Store

Apple has quietly launched a new category in the App Store: Kids. First announced at WWDC, the newly launched category features apps curated by Apple's editorial staff, appealing to children of certain age ranges including sections for: "Best for Ages 5 & Under," "Best for Ages 6-8" and "Best ...

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Apple now offering older iOS device owners 'last compatible version' of apps

Apple has begun offering owners of older iOS devices the "last compatible version" of apps that will run on their device, as noticed by Reddit members. For example, if an iPhone 3G owner tries to download the latest Twitter app, a dialog box will pop up alerting them that the most recent version o...

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Study finds app ratings now more critical to rankings than ever before

We knew Apple was tweaking its algorithms for ranking top apps, but a new report by app-testing firm Appurify gives us a much better idea of just how heavily weighted ratings are becoming. The company's study examines at the ratings of the top 1,000 apps on the App Store. Perhaps not surprisingly...

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It's time for an App Store pricing revolution

Loyalty is a powerful factor in consumer choice, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a company that has benefited more from customer loyalty than Apple. That's what makes the company's lack of support for software upgrade pricing so puzzling. Offering a discount on a new product (or more fleshed-o...

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"Bang with Friends" returns to App Store, re-branded as "Down"

In May, Apple removed an app called "Bang with Friends" from the App Store. As a quick refresher, "Bang with Friends" enabled users to select which of their Facebook friends they'd like to "hook up" with. If two users selected each other, they'd each receive an alert. While the reason for the appli...

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Apple is testing changes to App Store ranking algorithms

Determining what apps appear on the top of the App Store charts is a big deal, as it can make or break a brand. App-marketing firm Fiksu has been keeping a close eye on the effect this top secret algorithm has on App Store hopefuls and has discovered that Apple may indeed be revamping the criteri...

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Pandora adds sleep timer to its mobile apps

This week, Pandora announced the end of its 40-hour free listening limit on mobile devices. It's a move many see as a response to the pending arrival of iTunes Radio. Pandora customers may now listen to as much music as they like without a subscription. But wait, what about your data limit? Thanks...

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Ridiculous Fishing nears $1 million in sales, but could have been free

For a game as absurd as it is, Ridiculous Fishing has become a ridiculous success, with sales topping 300,000 according to developer Vlambeer. The game costs US$2.99 upfront, which amounts to a rather sizable payday for the indie team. Company founders Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman revealed the ...

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Apple makes changes to affiliate program

If you write a blog, own a website or otherwise monetize your web presence, you should care about the new changes in the Apple Affiliate Program. Apple announced today it is bringing in a new affiliate program partner for its iTunes, App Store, iBooks Store and Mac App Store affiliate program. Pe...

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