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Pixels.com app augments reality to put artwork on your walls

If you have bare walls, the new Pixels.com app will change that -- for a moment, anyway. The official app of Pixels.com is first and foremost designed to get you to buy artwork for your living space, but its coolest feature -- an augmented reality tool that shows what various art would look like o...

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CES Unveiled: Sphero reveals new apps to roll around in

The good folks at Orbotix, makers of the little roly-poly robot Sphero, were also in attendance at CES Unveiled last night, where they were showing off a number of new apps coming to add more functionality to the robotic ball. Sharky the Beaver was shown off a while ago, but it was on display l...

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Daily iPad App: Tour Wrist

I have to say, of all the product names that I heard and saw at CES 2012 last week (and there were plenty of them), TourWrist was by far my favorite. And the app is pretty interesting as well. It's a free download for iPhone and iPad that allows you to view the company's interactive 360 degree ...

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Starbucks launching augmented reality Cup Magic app for the holidays

Starbucks is going to kick off the holiday season with a special app for iPhone and Android devices that will interact with art on holiday cups at the popular coffee shops around the world. You can see the app in action in the video below. As you can see, it's not really so functional as just a...

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iPhone augmented reality browser Junaio used to "block" billboards in NYC

PublicAdCampaign and The Heavy Projects worked together to include an ad-scrubbing feature in the augmented reality browser Junaio. This trial feature lets NYC residents replace outdoor advertisements in a handful of locations including Times Square with art from indie artists/activists. This i...

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Panasonic app uses AR to place your new big screen dreams

Just in time for the weekend, this is about the wackiest use of augmented reality that we've seen yet. The Panasonic Viera AR Setup Simulator is a brand new free app in the App Store that uses AR to put a virtual big screen television right in your living room, so you can see what it looks like...

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String Labs' augmented reality showcase app for iPhone

Want to see one of the ways that you're going to use that iPhone in the future? You should do yourself a favor and check out what String Labs is doing with their new augmented reality engine, String. What is AR, you ask? It's the merging of both your real-world environment and a virtual one, allowin...

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Panasonic's iPhone-powered augmented reality T-shirt

This little video shows off what most of the augmented reality features we've seen so far look like; they're cool, but not all that practical or useful. The idea is supposed to be an ad campaign for Panasonic's 3D televisions, so they gave away special AR shirts and a free iPhone app. If you find...

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Twitter 360 Augmented Reality app for Twitter

As far as AR (augmented reality) Twitter apps go, Twitter 360 [iTunes Link] looks like the best of the bunch... so far. In what will no doubt become the top term of 2010, this augmented reality app allows you to track your friends via geolocation of their tweets. If you're into that sort of thing (o...

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