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Dragon's Lair 30th anniversary now available for iPhone

Has it been 30 years? Wow! Dragon's Lair is a classic video game that arrived way back in 1983 featuring animation by former Disney animator Don Bluth. The original game kept its extensive graphics on a LaserDisc, the now dead optical disc format that was replaced by DVDs. The game had plenty of li...

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iCade iPad arcade cabinet one step closer to late May release

It's almost here! Sources report that Ion Audio's iCade arcade cabinet for the iPad has passed FCC approval, just in time for the planned release on May 31. The cabinet was originally seen as an April Fool's Day joke on ThinkGeek, but in the past few years, it's steadily moved towards reality a...

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Airport diversion: Adrenaline Golf Online

I think the iPhone really solves the 'sitting at the airport with hours to kill' problem quite well. As iPhone owners, we know we can browse the web, catch up on email or the news, even check to see why your flight is late. I have another suggestion. Give Adrenaline Golf Online [iTunes link] a tr...

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