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Midnight slowdowns

Do you notice your Mac getting sluggish right around midnight? Chances are you've got Remote Admin turned on, and it's the build_hd_index process that's kicking into gear. Apple's tech note gives you the details on disabling it -- but be sure to talk to your system admin if you're in a business or...

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Apple Remote Desktop 3.3 now available

Apple has released version 3.3 of its remote administration tool, Apple Remote Desktop (ARD). The update is available both via Software Update, and from the Apple website. According to the release notes, the update comes with a number of improvements, including the long-desired ability to send fu...

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ARDAgent setuid allows root access, but there's a sort-of fix

Updates: See the end of the post for current info. We've been getting quite a bit of email since yesterday's anonymous Slashdot posting of a security problem with ARDAgent on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, and there's plenty of Twittering going on over the issue. Here's the deal: ARDAgent is the applicati...

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LANrev releases free version of InstallEase

Who can take some software, bundle it for you? Make a free installer and then seal it up with glue? InstallEase can (with apologies to Sammy Davis, Jr.). The packaging utility, long part of the LANrev crossplatform management & audit tool, is now available free of charge -- making it very comple...

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Getting ARD Admin to Run on Intel Macs

I spend a significant amount of time using Apple Remote Desktop Admin every day at work. Aside from Radmind, it's my most valuable and useful tool for managing hundreds of Macintosh workstations in our labs and classrooms. I also have a brand-new 20" Intel iMac sitting on my desk, but until tod...

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