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Grandma plus iPad equals artistic expression

Reddit user Oxide42 posted the above photo of his grandmother with the following caption: Bought my Grandma an iPad. She's 84 and never had a tablet, and wanted it for "art." I bought ArtRage for her and left her alone with her new toy for 30 minutes. This is what I came back to. Nice work, G...

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Art of the iPad brings out the creativity of toddlers and tots

Jonathan Gay works as a project manager for a pre-school in Newton, PA and has created a project he named Art of the iPad. He wanted to see how creative very young kids could be using new technology without the usual prerequisite of training. Not wanting to use any of the existing art apps fo...

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TUAW's Daily App: ArtRage

ArtRage is a very slick drawing and painting app, originally for Windows and Mac, but now also found on the iPad. The app is extremely realistic. You can use any number of various brushes and paints, and the colors will even blend and warp on the canvas as you lay them down, just as they would on a...

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