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Call of Duty 4 Mac-bound in May

Macworld is reporting that Aspyr is bringing the addictive Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to the Mac (apparently Aspyr is unfazed by Mike S's ardent condemnations). Having played the game extensively on the Xbox 360 I can say with confidence that fans of first person shooters on the Mac are in for a...

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Aspyr delays Guitar Hero III, they are now dead to me

Man, remember how excited we were that Guitar Hero III was coming to the Mac at a reasonable time? Yeah, well, guess what. Aspyr has no love for Mac owners. Our friends at Joystiq say that while the PC version is sitting happily on shelves, we're still waiting on the Mac version. "Later this year," ...

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is fighting through enemy territory to get to the Mac

Apple Insider has some shiny new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars screens for your drooling pleasure. I have to say-- the last few Quake games (and I'll include Doom III in that list) haven't really floated my boat much. As good as the graphics look, that old id charm just doesn't seem the same with ga...

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Guitar Hero III previewed, will release Oct. 28

Gametap's got a quick look at the new Guitar Hero sequel, coming out for the Mac later this year, and the biggest news is that they've got a date: the PC and Mac versions are shipping simultaneously with the consoles on October 28. Rock on! Apparently you'll also be able to use the mouse and keybo...

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Determine your gaming specs with Aspyr Game Agent

Here's a cool freeware utility for Mac gamers (who love Aspyr especially). When you launch The Aspyr Game Agent (TAGA), it compares your machine's specs to the system requirements of their titles, and displays good matches. If you search for a game that won't run well on your machine (according to t...

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Guitar Hero III coming to the Mac this year

If you've never played Guitar Hero, you've been missing out. It's quite an experience - you play with a special guitar controller, and as notes fly towards you on the screen, you hit both fret buttons and a strum bar in time to real life rock music. I'm a huge fan of the series, having played the or...

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Aspyr (not EA) releases Sims Pet Stories for Mac

Good news for you Sims completists out there (or anyone with a daughter on a MacBook): Aspyr Media has released Sims Pet Stories, the standalone Sims Pets game that lets you train, play with, and care for cats and dogs destined for the Pet Show. The reviews aren't exactly shining, but according to t...

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Aspyr porting Neverwinter Nights 2

Aspyr, maker of many Mac game ports, has confirmed they're working on a port of Neverwinter Nights 2 for the Mac. The game features straight-up D&D action in the Forgotten Realms setting, and while not quite as critically acclaimed as Neverwinter Nights (that one was made by Bioware, after all),...

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LEGO Star Wars goes Universal

A long time ago, in a squarish galaxy far, far away... Aspyr media, in an effort to save Mac users of the planet Earth from certain doom and boredom, released a Universal patch for LEGO Star Wars. That's right: it's been a while since we've had to write about an app (finally) going Universal (Ado...

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Aspyr finally gets a clue, releases Quake 4 demo

Forgive the bitter headline, but I'm sick of Mac game companies releasing games, especially ones as massive and significant as Quake 4, without a demo. This gripe is further compounded by the fact that the current state of Mac gaming is so demanding of hardware; yes, it's certainly improving, but ma...

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Aspyr announces upcoming Gamerhood application

Aspyr has announced a new application in the works for Mac gamers that will allow them to purchase and download games directly to their Mac over the internet. A wide range of games will apparently be available, from casual titles to the AAA big-hitters. Other features of this new application and sy...

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Call of Duty 2 demo released

At long last, Aspyr has released a demo of the hugely popular sequel to Call of Duty, the aptly named Call of Duty 2. No matter how badly I wanted to run to the Apple store and pick up the retail version, I knew I would feel horribly foolish if I got the game home only to find that it wouldn't run o...

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Game developers react to Boot Camp

Inside Mac Games has a nice roundup of reactions from various Mac OS X game developers on the news of Boot Camp. Reactions on the whole are positive concerning the opportunities that Boot Camp offers, and speculation from the likes of Aspyr, MacSoft, Freeverse and Ambrosia are hopeful that this will...

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Gamers: Call of Duty 2 available for pre-order

Attention, Mac gamers. Aspyr has made Call of Duty 2 available for pre-order. Featuring all new scenarios, enemies, improved AI and what Aspyr is calling the "...cinematic intensity and chaos of battle" (now doesn't that sound like fun?), Call of Duty 2 should be a worthy sequel to the gam...

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Quake 4 requirements revealed

At last, Aspyr has finally released the system requirements for the upcoming Quake 4. So, without further ado, you'll need: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later a PowerPC G4, G5, or Intel-based chipset a 1.67GHz or faster CPU 512MB or higher of memory 64MB or more of video memory (VRAM) Quake 4 is ...

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