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Can the iPad sustain its incredible yearly growth?

Horace Dediu of Asymco examined the history of Apple's iPad sales since 2010 and calculated that its grown at an astonishing rate of 150 percent each year. Based on Apple's stellar iPad launch weekend, Dediu believes this phenomenal growth is sustainable. As Philip Elmer-DeWitt points out, Dedi...

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63% of last quarter's iPhone activations were outside the U.S.

Horace Dediu, analyst and financial blogger at Asymco, provided several fascinating charts at the end of last week that not only show how dramatically iPhone activations have increased over time, but also how the U.S. market makes up a shrinking portion of that overall market. As Apple 2.0 editor ...

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Apple rollin' in the dough: 75% of cell phone profits

The news just keeps getting better for Apple in the mobile phone business. Just yesterday, IDC reported that the company is in third place in terms of worldwide mobile phone sales. Today, Asymco analyst Horace Dediu announced that with a relatively small piece of the pie (IDC said 6 percent of mar...

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Asymco graphs Apple's distinctive growth curve and longevity

Look at the major PC vendors in the 1970s, then look at the same industry today. You'll find only one name common to both periods: Apple. The company's competitors from the early days of the PC industry have all either gone out of business, been absorbed into other companies, or shifted focus to o...

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Discarded iPhones in the US

Horace Dediu of Asymco is good with numbers and his latest work uses this skill to look at discarded iPhones in the US. Dediu takes monthly comScore data and quarterly activation data provided by the wireless carriers to calculate the install base of the iPhone in the US. His number crunching a...

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Asymco graphs Apple's performance under Steve Jobs

Asymco always has great graphical analysis of Apple's performance, and the site's latest is no exception. Dirk Schmidt has analyzed Apple's market cap during the Steve Jobs era, and the graphs show just how dramatic Apple's turnaround was during Jobs's time as CEO. At the beginning of Jobs's ten...

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App Store downloads overtake iTunes music downloads

Right after Apple's announcement that App Store downloads had passed 15 billion, Asymco ran some numbers and concluded that App Store downloads have surpassed iTunes music downloads. Asymco based its conclusion on Apple's announcement only one month earlier that iTunes song downloads had passed 1...

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Annual revenue per iOS user estimated at $150

We all know that Apple's iOS devices are popular. Surveys and analyst predictions place Apple at or near the top in the smartphone, tablet and media player market. That's great for headlines, but what does it mean for Apple's bottom line? Horace Dediu of Asymco did some fancy figuring and calcu...

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Report: iTunes costs $1.3 billon per year to run

An interesting report from Asymco estimates that it costs Apple US$1.3 billion per year to run the iTunes store. That sum was reached by examining known numbers, like the total number of songs, movies, TV shows and apps that have been downloaded, plus the number of iTunes accounts and how much Ap...

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Apple could survive on current cash alone until 2018

During the 2Q 2011 Apple Results Call last Wednesday, we listened with rapt attention as the number for "Cash and Cash Equivalents" figure was announced. The number, as you may recall, was US$65.8 billion. One question that many of us always ask is "What could Apple do with that money?" Asymc...

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Analysis: 100 million iPhone 5s could be sold

It's no secret that Apple's iPhone is a runaway hit. But if past history can determine future success, you ain't seen nothin' yet. The word comes down from Asymco analyst Horace Didieu. In a whimsically-named report titled "Predicting iPhone Sales for Dummies," Didieu looked at sales data fro...

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iPhone profits swamp competitors

Now that the flurry of earnings from the last months of 2010 have been announced by all the major mobile phone manufacturers, Horace Dediu of Asymco has summarized these figures in several stunning graphs. The market analysis company has compared the market shares, sales shares and profit shares of...

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Analyst report: Why Verizon wants to sell the iPhone

Let's say straight out, this is just the opinion of one analyst, and the opinion is based on sales data assumptions that might or might not be accurate. Still, it's an interesting report, and it might help explain why Verizon, which originally rejected the iPhone, wants it back. Horace Dedlu over at...

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