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Atari founder Nolan Bushnell is betting on iOS, Android to win mobile gaming battle against Nintendo

Nintendo is in a strange place right now. With its home console sales waning, the company has been leaning on the success of the 3DS handheld in order to keep it in the black. But as iOS and Android devices gain power and prominence, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell is betting on the big N to lose the...

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Atari's Nolan Bushnell on finding the next Steve Jobs

Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell took a chance on Steve Jobs when he hired the young non-conformist in 1974. Bushnell recounts that decision and his ensuing friendship with Steve Jobs in his recent book Finding The Next Steve Jobs. The book is not a biography about the Apple co-founder, but a fr...

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Daily iPhone App: Pong World is Atari's first indie Pong winner

Way back in February, Atari announced a contest (which, full disclosure, I served as a volunteer judge for) to find some indie developers' takes on its classic Pong game to release on iOS. All summer long, a few different indie devs worked on pitches for their games, which were then voted on by...

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Atari's Centipede Origins available for free, Pong World due this month

Atari is revving up iOS releases for the holidays by kicking out a few long-awaited titles. First up is Centipede: Origins, which hit the App Store this week. It's a modern take on the old shooter classic. The app is free and universal, though (surprise!) it's also freemium, which means you mus...

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Atari 2600 classic Outlaw reborn on iOS today

As promised last week, a new take on the classic Atari 2600 title Outlaw has arrived on the App Store today for iPhone and iPad. Atari's re-imagining keeps the original's Wild West theme, but applies it to touch-based shooting gallery gameplay. Outlaw is a free game supported by in-app purcha...

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Daily iPhone App: Super Bunny Breakout updates Atari's classic with a cute shine

Atari has several great titles on the horizon, and it recently released Super Bunny Breakout (US$0,99, universal), a fun game that's a take on the company's classic Breakout. As usual, you can see what the game is like in our video below. The idea is that you bounce a bunny around, breaking var...

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Atari announces iOS lineup for the rest of the year and beyond

Atari has dropped a press release announcing its mobile game lineup for the rest of 2012 and first part of 2013, and there are some really interesting titles in there. Here's the full list, for your viewing pleasure: RollerCoaster Tycoon (Q1 2013, iOS and Android) Dungeons & Dragon...

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Winners revealed for Atari's Pong Dev challenge, Pong World earns first place

The winners have finally been announced in the long-running Atari/Pong Indie Dev Challenge, and the three winning entries have been revealed prior to their eventual release on the App Store. Atari's contest sought out modern versions of Pong for the App Store, and offered cash prizes and revenu...

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Atari sets Greatest Hits free for 40th anniversary

We first tweeted this note late last night, but after waking up this morning and finding out it wasn't a dream, we figured we'd share it with all of you here. Atari celebrated its 40th anniversary yesterday, marking a nice milestone in one of the longest histories in video gaming. And to celebr...

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Zynga has 22 million daily active mobile users, announces partner program

Social gaming giant Zynga is holding a press conference called Zynga Unleashed in San Francisco today, and while much of the news out of that conference is about the company's successful Facebook and social game business, Zynga has a huge interest and following in mobile games as well. The comp...

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Vintage Apple I sells for $375,000

A rare piece of Apple history is no longer on the market. Last Friday, Auction house Sotheby's sold a working Apple I computer for US$374,500. The vintage computer sold for more than twice its estimated value after a bidding war broke out between two bidders, according to a CNN Money report. Th...

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Nolan Bushnell and Atari on Pong, Steve Jobs, and touch interfaces

As I've posted here on TUAW a few times before, Atari is currently in the middle of a developer competition to have some creative developers put together some new iOS games based on the idea of remaking Pong for a new generation. Along with Nolan Bushnell, Atari's original founder and one of Po...

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Sotheby's selling original Steve Jobs note to Atari

Sotheby's is selling another a piece of Apple history that'll appeal to collectors. The auction house is offering a memo Steve Jobs sent to Atari in 1974. The memo contains changes Atari could make to its World Cup Soccer arcade game that'll add variety to the game. The memo has pencil-drawn ...

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Semi-finalists revealed in Atari's Pong Indie Developer Challenge

Atari's Developer Challenge has been taking submissions for possible Pong-inspired iOS games since late February (Disclaimer: I'm serving as a judge on the final panel for the contest, though I haven't done anything yet and am not being paid for my time), and the company has finally selected 20...

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Atari updates rules and deadline, adds judge to Pong developer contest

(Disclaimer: I am serving as a judge in this contest for Atari, though I'm not getting paid or compensated in any way for contributing my time.) After Atari announced a recent contest to encourage iOS developers to come up with new ideas for a Pong-style remake, there was feedback among the i...

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