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Atari announces Pong contest for indie iOS devs

(Disclaimer: As you'll read below, I'm serving as a judge in this competition, though I'm not getting paid or compensated for any time I'm contributing to it.) Atari has been betting big on iOS lately. It recently released a Greatest Hits app with its own controller, as well as remakes like Breako...

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Atari team rejoins to make mobile titles

Seamus Blackley is one of the co-creators of Microsoft's original Xbox console, and he put together a really interesting team of old-school Atari game developers recently to make mobile games. Blackley's new company is called Innovative Leisure, and while the website isn't anything more than a gro...

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Atari follows up freemium Breakout Boost with paid Breakout Boost+

A little while back, Atari continued its releases of updated classic games for iOS with Breakout Boost, a freemium version of the classic brickbreaking game that offers updated graphics and a few new mechanics to go with them. This week Atari announced another title called Breakout: Boost+, and wh...

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Daily iPhone App: Breakout Boost

Atari's been on a remixing jag lately, and I was really impressed by the recent iOS take on Asteroids. Now with Breakout Boost, Atari aims to update another old gem. Unfortunately, this one isn't quite as successful. It certainly is Breakout, as you control a little paddle across the screen, ...

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Daily iPhone App: Asteroids Gunner

I launched Asteroids Gunner with low expectations. Asteroids is one of the oldest games around, and it's hard to see how even Atari can squeeze anything more from this relic. But lo and behold, it has. Asteroids Gunner is a remarkable freemium dual-stick shooter, turning the top-down 2D gamepla...

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Atari planning its own iOS controller? (Updated: Yes!)

Atari may be looking to capitalize on the success of the iCade gaming cabinet with its own joystick controller for the iPad. The gaming company recently updated its Greatest Hits iOS app to support the not-yet-announced Atari Arcade Duo Powered joystick. The gaming accessory has a slot for the ...

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Atari, EA and others push court to accept Apple's request against Lodsys

Lodsys filed suit earlier this year against a number of third-party App Store developers, claiming that it owned patents covering a number of functions used by Apple's app marketplace, and that by using that store, these third-party devs were in violation of these patents. Apple, however, came ...

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Apple updates its response to Lodsys suit, but doesn't move to invalidate patents

Apple has updated its proposed answer to the Lodsys suit against third-party developers. Lodsys has recently expanded its patent suit to include big-name iOS developers like Rovio (of Angry Birds), EA, Atari, Take-Two Interactive and Square-Enix, according to The Mac Observer. Florian Mueller o...

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iCade iPad arcade cabinet one step closer to late May release

It's almost here! Sources report that Ion Audio's iCade arcade cabinet for the iPad has passed FCC approval, just in time for the planned release on May 31. The cabinet was originally seen as an April Fool's Day joke on ThinkGeek, but in the past few years, it's steadily moved towards reality a...

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Atari releases over 100 Greatest Hits to the App Store

Atari is borrowing a playbook page from Capcom -- it's released an app called Atari's Greatest Hits on the New Zealand App Store, which should be here in the US by tomorrow. Like Capcom's Arcade app, Atari's new title features a ton of retro arcade hits (more than 100), all available via in-app...

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ThinkGeek's iCade gaming cabinet for iPad moves closer to reality

Since 2001, ThinkGeek has been compiling gag products for April Fool's Day. Some products are silly, some outrageous, and some are conceptually cool and show promise as a real product. The iCade gaming cabinet, one star of April Fool's 2010, falls into this latter category. The iCade is a retro gami...

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C64 creators also bringing Amiga, Atari 2600 emulators to iPhone

I just posted at the end of last week about Manomio's decision to go free with its licensed C64 emulator for the iPhone, but today it let us know that there are even more plans in the works. Given the success in porting C64 games (with official licenses) over to the iPhone, Manomio is working on ...

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