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Tag: augmented reality

iPhone augmented reality browser Junaio used to "block" billboards in NYC

PublicAdCampaign and The Heavy Projects worked together to include an ad-scrubbing feature in the augmented reality browser Junaio. This trial feature lets NYC residents replace outdoor advertisements in a handful of locations including Times Square with art from indie artists/activists. This i...

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CrowdOptic could raise the bar for augmented reality apps

Augmented reality may be taking the next giant step forward with CrowdOptic, an app that will provide a graphic data overlay for live events. If you are at a concert (with the system in place), point the app at the stage and you'll get details like those in the picture above. Point it at a play...

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Panasonic app uses AR to place your new big screen dreams

Just in time for the weekend, this is about the wackiest use of augmented reality that we've seen yet. The Panasonic Viera AR Setup Simulator is a brand new free app in the App Store that uses AR to put a virtual big screen television right in your living room, so you can see what it looks like...

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Navigon adds augmented reality and enhanced traffic to iOS apps

You can add augmented reality to the feature list for the Navigon app. The company calls it Reality Scanner, and it shows destinations and nearby points of interest by superimposing that information over a live camera view. This is a feature best used by pedestrians; I'd hate to see someone drivi...

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Parrot set to release AR.FlyingAce game for AR.Drone quadricopter

The TUAW blogging team has had a group gadget crush on the US$299 AR.Drone quadricopter since we first got our anxious little hands on the iPhone-controlled flying machine at Macworld Expo 2010. At the time, manufacturer Parrot said that it would be coming out with an open software development ...

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String Labs' augmented reality showcase app for iPhone

Want to see one of the ways that you're going to use that iPhone in the future? You should do yourself a favor and check out what String Labs is doing with their new augmented reality engine, String. What is AR, you ask? It's the merging of both your real-world environment and a virtual one, allowin...

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Where To? adds augmented reality

I've looked at Where To? in the past, and found it a well thought out way to find points of interest in your vicinity. Another plus is that it integrates with the Navigon and TomTom apps so that you can send information for precise navigation. Now the app has added a new wrinkle: augmented reality. ...

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eBay's mobile app strategy shared at CES

When I went to meet up with eBay at last week's CES conference, I went to a booth run not by that company, but by a company called RedLaser. Started by two U of Michigan grads, RedLaser is an eBay acquisition that has released a barcode scanning app for the iPhone that will scan your products and g...

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Hands-on with Sphero at the CES 2011

Sphero is this year's AR.Drone here in Las Vegas. Last year, the Parrot AR.Drone turned heads with an iPhone-controlled quadricopter, and this year, Sphero is creating a little buzz as an iPhone-controlled, well, ball. That's right -- the Sphero is a ball that both glows colors and rolls around at ...

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360 Panorama: view augmented reality panoramas in Mobile Safari

We've talked about 360 Panorama before -- it's a cool app that lets you capture 360° panoramic photos in real time by just moving your iPhone around in a circle. The $0.99 app (available here) has been out for a while, but keeps receiving amazing updates that improve its functionality and wow ...

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Word Lens hands-on: Does it really translate text in real-time?

Word Lens hit the store with a bang, promising real-time translation of signs, menus, and any other text your camera can capture. Does the augmented-reality app work? Somewhat, yes. Is it the future? Definitely. We're just not there yet. I'll let the images in the gallery tell the story. But firs...

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360 Panorama brings sharing, simplicity to iPhone pano photos

We first looked at 360 Panorama back in July when it debuted against other panoramic photo apps, including Boinx's You Gotta See This and Debacle Software's Pano. On sale now for just US$0.99 (regular price $2.99), Occipital's panorama application has been updated to add what developer Jeff Power...

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New Apple patent suggests advanced iPhone gaming

A new Apple patent describes several interesting ideas for playing games with others in an augmented reality space. The patent, called "Interactive Gaming with Co-Located, Networked Direction and Location Aware Devices," describes an iPhone app that would network up a series of devices in the same r...

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TUAW's Daily App: Unearthed

Honestly, I spent all day yesterday playing Pocket Frogs, so go try that if you haven't yet. But since we covered that one earlier this week, I'll tell you about Unearthed. To be honest, I don't exactly know how it all works. The app is complicated, and getting it to do what you want it to do is ha...

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Panasonic's iPhone-powered augmented reality T-shirt

This little video shows off what most of the augmented reality features we've seen so far look like; they're cool, but not all that practical or useful. The idea is supposed to be an ad campaign for Panasonic's 3D televisions, so they gave away special AR shirts and a free iPhone app. If you find...

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