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Dear Aunt TUAW: Can I use a third-party SSD with Lion?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Is there any (un)official word from Apple regarding the support for 3rd party SSD HDDs with Lion? I desire to tweak my MBP but do not wish to be without garbage collection and TRIM. What advice have you? Should I hold off on acquiring an SSD? Warm regards, Need4Speed De...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me tame my bookmarks

Dear Aunt TUAW, Help me Auntie! I've got a zillion--maybe 3 or 4 less--bookmarks. I want to validate the good ones and discard the bad. Is there an app for that? I mean automatically do this and then give me options for saving the good/tossing the bad and perhaps even seeing if the root...

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BBC bringing iPlayer to iPod touch / iPhone 'in a matter of weeks'

Hot on the heels of Auntie releasing a selection of videos for sale via the iTunes Store, we somehow missed yesterday's sneaky revelation that the BBC is intending to release some form of the BBC iPlayer for iPod touch and iPhone 'in the coming weeks.' Why on earth is this important? The much-mali...

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