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Apple promises $2M to help Bay Area host Super Bowl 50 and more news from June 6, 2014

Friday is usually a slow news day in the tech world, but not today. We have a heapin' helpin' of hot Apple news to serve up: Apple CEO Tim Cook is a huge football fan, being both a supporter of Auburn University's Tigers and a member of the board of directors of the National Football Foundati...

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Apple will re-open expanded Texas Apple Store

We just mentioned yesterday that Apple was going to be revamping a few of its stores here inside the United States, and here's another one. The Apple Store in Barton Creek near Austin, Texas is set for a re-opening this weekend, after closing last year. The new store has taken over a place form...

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Apple breaks ground on Texas campus

We've known Apple was planning on expanding its presence in Austin, Texas, for a while now, and Wired reports the company has now broken ground on its new facility. The new center will measure a whopping 1 million square feet and is expected to be a major player in the company's operations. The ...

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GDC Online coming to LA, rebranded as App Developers Conference

For the past few years, the Game Developers Conference has held a satellite show in Austin, Texas called GDC Online (and I went there a few years back for TUAW to cover the mobile gaming track). But GDC has announced that this year is the last year it'll do GDC Online in Austin. Starting next...

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Travis County Commission OK's Apple's Austin, Texas expansion plans

As expected, the Travis County (TX) Commission has approved an economic development package for Apple to spur the development of jobs in Austin. The package was approved last night by a 4-to-1 vote, and is expected to bring new jobs to Austin in return for US$5.4 to $6.4 million in tax rebates. ...

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Apple's plans for Texas construction delayed due to disagreement with county

Apple's plans to bring 3,600 jobs to Austin, Texas are being delayed due to a disagreement between the company and the Travis County Commissioners Court over the terms of an economic incentive package. Apple is hoping to establish an Americas Operations Center in Austin, which would run most of ...

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Apple's A5 processor now manufactured in Texas

"Designed by Apple in California" -- you'll find that on virtually every Apple product. While it's well-known that the brains of Apple's outfit are indeed housed in California, it's almost as well-known that Apple's products are almost wholly manufactured overseas. Indeed, Apple has been a target...

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Faraway crowned at Fantastic Arcade festival

Fantastic Fest took place in Austin, TX this past weekend, and as part of the festivities there, organizers set up a Fantastic Arcade, to show off some of the latest and greatest indie games to hit the scene. There were a few good iPhone and iPad games out there, and in fact one of them took to...

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iPad 2 linewalk videos: NYC and Austin, TX

It's not high-concept, as videos go: an admittedly shaky walk around the block or down the street to gauge the number of hardy souls willing to stand and wait for something they could just as easily have shipped to their front door. Nevertheless, we salute the line-standers, and it is in thei...

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Dispatches from the iPad 2 front lines

11:45 AM (Steve Sande): I'm here at the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, Colorado, and fortunately it's warm and clear. I'm at about the 20th person in line, and my cohort in crime Erica Sadun just showed up. It's a congenial group in line this morning. Apparently, the first person in li...

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Apple has set up a temporary Apple Store in Austin, TX for SXSW

Apple is leasing retail space in downtown Austin for the upcoming South by Southwest conference. The temporary retail store will be located at Sixth and Congress Street and preparations are under way for a Friday opening. This debut coincides with the launch of the iPad 2 and the SXSW conference ...

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EightBit goes HTML5 for SXSW

Sure, Foursquare is fun if you like that sort of thing (me, I'm too embarrassed to show my friends that I barely leave the house, let alone reveal to them where I go when I do drag myself out of my pit). But really, what you want to have is not just more fun than Foursquare offers -- you want twi...

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GDC Online 2010: Moon'd hands-on

On the last day of GDC this week, I heard from developer Anthony LaMantia, who had a new game named Moon'd that he wanted to show me. We met up in the lobby of the Austin Convention Center, and I got to play around for a bit with his game, a platformer with a strange twist. Instead of playing as a ...

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TUAW Giveaway: Win a subscription to Slacker Radio Plus for Austin City Limits Music Festival

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is going on next week in Austin, TX (as is GDC Online, which I'll be covering for TUAW). The festival has teamed up with Slacker Internet Radio and Seed Labs to spread the word and share some of the music from the artists performing there. They've produced a fr...

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Apple expands campuses in Austin and Cupertino

As AAPL continues to fly, Apple is apparently eating up all the real estate they can find. AppleInsider reports that Apple is going to expand their Austin, TX campus by building an 80,000 square foot building (at 12565 Riata Vista Circle). Apple's not saying what they're using it for, but the Austin...

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