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Australia's 'Apple Tax' quantified by MacStories blogger

Tomorrow, Apple, Microsoft and Adobe face the Federal Australian Parliament inquiry into pricing of IT products. The companies are being asked about why prices for hardware and software Down Under appear to have a noticeable markup compared to those elsewhere in the world. All three companies w...

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Apple warranty blunder Down Under

The Australian Consumer Law was passed in January of 2011, with one of the major stipulations being that companies must provide customers with a "reasonable" warranty period for products. For expensive items like computers, a period of two years is suggested. The Sydney Morning Herald is report...

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Apple, Samsung case in Australia warrants two-judge system

Samsung and Apple have been battling in the Australian court system for almost two years. According to a report in Financial Review, the infringement claims have gotten so complicated that the court system has taken a radical move to simplify the hearings. For the first time in Federal Court ...

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Australian firefighters call Apple Maps 'dangerous'

There seems to be no end to the grievances when it comes to Australia and the inaccuracy of Apple's mapping information. Case in point: The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australia's Country Fire Authority (CFA) is claiming Apple Maps is responsible for creating "potentially dangerous situa...

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Apple subpoenaed in Australia to explain high price of its products

Apple, along with Microsoft and Adobe, has been subpoenaed by the Australian Parliament to explain why it has been charging Australian customers more for certain products than it charges customers in the UK, US and other Asian-Pacific countries. The Inquiry into IT Pricing has been going on sin...

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In China, virtual stores may go one step more virtual

I love the concept of virtual stores. You whip out your phone and order merchandise for home delivery, typically using QR codes. We first saw these pop up when Tesco launched one in the South Korea subways. They appeared in the Prague subway system, in Sweden's Jetshop and with Toys R Us' mob...

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Apple launches back-to-school promo in Australia, New Zealand

Apple is back again with its annual "Back to School" promotion to kick off the school year in Australia and New Zealand. The promotion offers gift cards for a Mac or iPad purchase and is similar to the one offered last year in the US and Europe. The promotion is open to any student, faculty o...

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University of Western Sydney to give 11,000 iPads to new students

The University of Western Sydney will give iPads to 11,000 new students and academic staff in 2013, according to a statement issued today by the university. UWS's Pro Vice-Chancellor of Education Professor Kerri-Lee Krause said, "With digital technology revolutionizing how we connect and intera...

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Australian town relocated into desolate parkland, per iOS 6 Maps (Update: fixed)

Update: Per The Guardian & Cult of Mac, this geocoding error has been quietly remedied by Apple. Australians may now safely drive just as they did before. The town of Mildura in the Australian state of Victoria is home to some 30,000 people and is known for its agricultural bounty, particul...

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Hong Kong Causeway Bay Apple store opening on December 15

Apple's newest flagship store in Asia will open this coming Saturday, December 15th. The Hong Kong Causeway Bay Apple store will open its doors at 9 AM local time. According to MacRumors, the new store will consist of three floors for a combined retail space of 20,000 square feet. Like many fla...

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Apple Maps finally gets turn-by-turn navigation in Australia

According to a report in 9to5 Mac (confirmed by Australian Twitter user Beau Giles), turn-by-turn navigation in Apple maps is now live in the land down under. Unlike the US and UK, which launched with turn-by-turn, Australia did not have turn-by-turn navigation when iOS 6 was released earlier t...

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One private Australian school now requiring iPads

St. Andrew's Cathedral School in Sydney, Australia is taking the radical step of requiring iPads for all students in years 7 to 10, says a report in the Syndey Morning Herald. It's one of two private schools profiled in the report that require students to have tablets. The other school, St. Cat...

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Apple does not plan to appear before Australian price inquiry

Apple is in hot water in Australia for refusing to appear in front of a House of Representatives inquiry into retail pricing, says A report by the House of Representatives standing committee on infrastructure and communications claims Apple (and other tech companies like Microsoft)...

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EA joins Iron Monkey and Firemint mobile studios to create Firemonkeys

EA has announced that it's consolidating its two biggest mobile studios. Firemint is the developer behind Flight Control and Spy Mouse (and was acquired by EA last year), and Iron Monkey is the developer behind EA's iOS hits like Mass Effect Infiltrator and Dead Space. Those two Melbourne, Aust...

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Australian Apple Stores to get EasyPay checkout

Australian customers might soon be able to shop at their local Apple Store with their iPhone, according to an ifoAppleStore report. Starting Thursday, Apple will turn on its Easy Pay service in stores throughout Australia. Easy Pay allows customers to stroll into an Apple Store, pick out an acce...

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