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Autodesk expands Mac application line, enters Mac App Store

Last October Autodesk announced AutoCAD for Mac 2011, signaling a return of the computer automated drafting app of choice to the Mac after a fifteen-year absence. Today Autodesk followed up by announcing two new products for the Mac and a Lion-optimized update to its flagship software. AutoCA...

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NVIDIA offers Fermi-packing Quadro 4000 to the Mac Pro user

In case you missed it, a couple days ago NVIDIA outed the Fermi Quadro 4000 Mac Edition video card for Mac Pro users. The card packs a punch with 256 CUDA cores, a 256-bit memory interface and 2GBs of memory (I remember the day I got excited by a video card with 16MBs of memory, though, sorting out ...

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AutoCAD for Mac 2011 now available for purchase

Mac-loving engineers, drafters, designers, and students have been waiting for a Mac-native version of AutoCAD to reappear on the platform for many years, so when Apple and Autodesk announced AutoCAD for Mac 2011 in late August, there was a lot of excitement. Autodesk reported today that AutoCAD f...

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AutoCAD comes back to the Mac

Autodesk, proprietor of popular 2D/3D design software AutoCAD, is about to bring AutoCAD back to the Mac after a nearly two decade estrangement. AutoCAD is to engineering and architecture design what Photoshop is to photo editing, so this is a Pretty Big Deal. Like many software makers (and users...

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