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Jam for iOS hopes to be 'Instagram for music'

Most of the apps on display in Macworld/iWorld 2013's "Appalooza" annex are of the productivity variety, but that doesn't mean there isn't some fun stuff to be found. One that caught my eye was Jam from Australian developer DreamWalk Mobile. Launched two weeks ago on the App Store, it's a fre...

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It's called the iPad 2: an Auto-Tuned song for the release

iTuned Steve Jobs is at it again. He previously Auto-Tuned the original iPhone introduction as well as the iPhone 4 Keynote. This time, using a JibJab like approach, Steve plays instruments while singing about the virtues of the iPad 2. The song is kind of catchy, and Steve does play some mean ...

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TUAW talks to T-Pain at CES ShowStoppers 2011

We stopped by the ShowStoppers event at CES 2011 this evening, a special event in the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas for a few CES exhibitors and select press, and there we found none other than the prince of Auto-Tune himself, rapper T-Pain. He was there shilling a brand new microphone gadget that will a...

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Macworld 2010: Andrew Gregory of AutoTune the News

We can reveal our secret now: during Macworld's setup, we wandered into the wrong room, and randomly came across a stage shared by David Pogue, LeVar Burton, and the Gregory Brothers A.K.A the AutoTune the News crew, all rehearsing for David Pogue's keynote. The keynote went off well, and afterward...

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Smule turns you into T-Pain

God bless Smule. I panned their Ocarina app way back, but since then they've pushed right along without me, releasing idea after idea on Apple's App Store. And I think that, though the Leaf Trombone didn't really capture my attention, this one might finally be the big winner in my book: they've rel...

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Bebot turns your iPhone into the cutest instrument ever

I don't think I've ever fallen in love with an app as quickly as Bebot. Not only is it a pretty darn powerful synthesizer with an interesting touchscreen interface, but that robot. That robot! He makes you want to play something, anything, with those cute little closed robot eyes and that dashing tu...

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