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Get iPhone availability updates every 15 minutes

Can't find an iPhone 3G? Well, TopMuffin has created a site that checks Apple's store inventory every 15 minutes. According to the site, Apple updates the inventory throughout the day. TopMuffin's site parses the feed (feed link) and shows iPhone 3G availability by Apple Store. TopMuffin doesn't ju...

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Apple Store back online

Now that the WWDC Keynote has ended and live coverage has ceased, the Apple Stores around the world are returning to normal after an interesting Stevenote. Some of the changes on the store that we've noted are: 3G iPhone details, pricing and availability MobileMe pricing, availability Have ...

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Check iPhone availability at your local Apple Store

Here's a little detail I missed the first time I read today's missive from Apple: you can now check the availability of iPhones at the Apple store nearest you. Simply go to this website, select your state, and you'll get a list of the Apple Stores in that states with a circle next to them. Green me...

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Leopard Watch: iCal with CalDAV

Apple's iCal Leopard page reveals that the upcoming Leopard version of iCal will support a subset of CalDAV, the distributed authoring and versioning calendar protocol. CalDAV allows collaborative creation and maintenance of shared calendars and events. With the new iCal, you won't have to send ar...

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MacBook Pro availability changes to 3-4 weeks

Over the last couple of days I've been hearing some rumors that the MacBook Pro availability might get pushed back to March, but I didn't want to post on it until something legitimate happened - and it has. TUAW reader Oliver noticed that the MacBook Pro's availability from apple.com/store has chang...

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1GB iPod shuffle is sold out at Apple online

There are no more 1GB iPod shuffles to be had at the Apple online store. The product description says simply: "Currently Unavailable. . . Sold out for holiday. Expected availability mid-January."Mid-January, of course, is after the expected product announcements at MacWorld. There has been...

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