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World Backup Day 2013: Don't be an April Fool!

Today is World Backup Day 2013, the day we (and other technology sites) try to implore our readers to make sure that they back up their data early and often. Believe it or not, as much as we hammer on the topic of backing up data, there are still a lot of people who just don't pay attention t...

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Roundup review of iOS apps to backup your contacts

There are scads of apps on the App Store which will offer to backup your contacts. I tried four: a free app, a $1 app, a $2 app, and a $3 app (all prices listed are USD). One was great, two were pretty good, and one was downright atrocious. (Note: all of the apps I reviewed are "universal" &nda...

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Lessons from Sandy: CrashPlan and the importance of off-site backup

When disaster happens, you want to make sure your data is safe. The reality of Hurricane Sandy demonstrated how important it is to store copies of your most precious records, pictures and correspondences off-site. If you are a CrashPlan backup customer, the company is making it easier for you t...

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Missing your iDisk? OpenDrive is an easy-to-use substitute

When Apple killed MobileMe and iDisk I was pretty unhappy. It was great for quick small backups, and an easy way to share files with friends by giving them access to a public or password-protected folder. There are plenty of sync/backup solutions out there, like MediaFire, Dropbox, SugarSync an...

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Mountain Lion 101: Multi-volume Time Machine

It's the little things. Since the introduction of Time Machine in OS X Leopard, Apple's built-in backup utility has provided a safety net for millions of Mac users by delivering effective, dead-simple data protection. Every hour, the latest versions of our files are neatly copied to external driv...

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MobileMe customers get free 20 GB of iCloud storage until September

Last year, Apple announced that it's shutting down MobileMe at the end of June 2012. To ease the transition from MobileMe to iCloud, the company offered 20GB of free iCloud storage to all existing MobileMe users. This free storage expires June 30, 2012, but a change in Apple's website, noticed ...

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How to backup your Mac App Store apps

The excellent ReadNow application, which allows you to easily read articles from your Instapaper and Read It Later articles on your Mac, has been pulled from the Mac App Store "...because of an infringement letter." Developer Michael Schneider added "[i]n my current situation I'm not allowed to pro...

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G-Tech G-Drive slim: stylish storage in a small package

I've been trying out the G-Tech G Drive slim portable hard drive for a few days and I'm quite impressed with it. The unit I tried was the 320 GB version, and in my "everyday user" tests, the drive performed remarkably well. Design The first thing you notice about the G Drive is that it look...

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Dolly Drive brings the Time Machine cloud closer to European customers

Everyone's favorite sheep-shaped online backup point, Dolly Drive, has opened a data center in Rome, Italy to give European Mac users faster Time Machine backups to the cloud. The new facility is part of a planned grid of data centers for the relatively new (less than a year old) and fast-growi...

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Build your own Lion install USB thumb drive for cheap

Why pay Apple $69.99 when you can build your own Lion install drive for the App Store purchase price of $29.99 -- plus the cost of an inexpensive thumb drive. Here's how to create a full install on a drive, not just the recovery disk that we recently posted about. You'll need a copy of the OS X...

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Iomega's SuperHero for iPhone provides an iTunes-free backup solution

Personally, I have no issue with plugging my iPhone into my Mac every evening before I head to bed, recharging it, backing up my contacts and photos, and syncing my podcasts and music when I want it to. But I've heard before that a surprising number of iPhone (and iPod touch) users don't ever c...

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Backblaze supports Lion, updates Storage Pod project

A couple of years ago, the folks at cloud backup provider Backblaze made their Backblaze Storage Pod design an open source project. For around US$7900, you could make your own 67 TB RAID 6 array, and combining 15 of the arrays would give you about a petabyte of storage at a cost of around $117,...

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Apple unveils new 3 TB Time Capsule model (Updated)

Just as we were digesting the Final Cut Pro X arrival, word comes that Apple is also unveiling a new Time Capsule model. The 3TB model appears in the image header of the Time Capsule page on Apple's website, but full product details are not yet available. We'll keep you updated as new informati...

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Apple's steps toward backup in the cloud tread lightly on third-party developers

Jenna Wortham of the New York Times wrote, "How do you know if you've created a really great, useful iPhone app? Apple tries to put you out of business." That's a pretty common reaction to Monday's WWDC keynote, and the shock and awe was not limited to iPhone apps. On Friday, TUAW mused about w...

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Dolly Drive 1.2 expands to 2 terabytes, adds seeding program

We met Dolly Drive when it was barely a week old. This week, version 1.2 became available with increased storage capacity, increased upload speed and incremental cloning. Dolly Drive is a cloud-based backup solution that works with Apple's Time Machine. Once configured, Time Machine treats it as...

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