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Media Catalog 4.0 faster, supports Quick Look

People who are religious about backups, especially those who use removable media like CDs or DVDs as backup media, often find themselves in a world of hurt when they try to find individual files on a pile of discs. It's worse than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack! Developer Robert Kuilman...

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More on iPhone Backups

Earlier today, by request, I posted about a way to restore your notes.db file after inadvertantly deleting it via a firmware upgrade. As several readers have pointed out, it's a lot easier to perform a full backup before the restore than trying to backtrack afterwards. Here's a quick forcing back-u...

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Backup solutions shootout

The folks at MacZealots have posted an article that compares several Mac backup solutions, including SuperDuper! (my personal favorite), Synk Backup, Apple's Backup, iBackup and Crashplan, as well as some speculation on Time Machine. In the end, SuperDuper! and Crashplan came out on top as the booke...

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Versomatic uber backup, archive and on-the-fly file versioning utility

I'm looking forward to Leopard's Time Machine, but Versomatic - at least based on the description - is going to truly rock my world. It's not the first app to offer this kind of versioning and archiving, but it sounds better than those that have come before. Versomatic is a new utility from Acertant...

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