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AT&T puts the kibosh on voice-free iPhone plans for the deaf

Deafmac.org reports that AT&T has withdrawn its $27.99/month no-voice plan, stating the offer was generated in error. AT&T writes that although they offer many options for the deaf community, they will not offer an iPhone plan. After Deafmac originally posted about the deal, AT&T was app...

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Is Apple the new Microsoft?

So claimeth Mike Elgan of Computerworld in his article on PC World: "It's Official: Apple is the New Microsoft." Well, I'm certainly glad that is settled! On to the iPhone news... Wait a moment, on what grounds does Mike base his comparison? I'll break down the points and test their coherence. Mike'...

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The Retail Apple Store's voice recording lies

So, I've been eagerly banking on running out to my local Apple Store and grabbing a new Intel-based 20" iMac today, because every time I have called one of the stores over the past week, there has been this recording that is still up: "For information and product availability regarding announcements...

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