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Yojimbo 4 brings syncing, highlights iCloud woes

Good news for Yojimbo fans: version 4 is now available, and it syncs across Macs. (Pause and wait for for chorus of 'hallelujahs' to subside.) I've been a Yojimbo user for years, but in case some of you don't know what it is, I'll start by quoting Bare Bones' own website which describes it this wa...

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WWDC Interview: Bare Bones Software

In this interview, Neil Ticktin of MacTech talks to Bare Bones Software co-founder Rich Siegel about the WWDC keynote, and also potential issues with the Mac App Store going forward. Bare Bones produces BBEdit, TextWrangler and Yojimbo (see our coverage of Yojimbo here and BBEdit here). TU...

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Yojimbo 3 released with companion iPad app

In the department of "Things That Took TJ By Surprise" you can add "Barebones released Yojimbo on the iPad!" Yojimbo was the first "collection box" app that I ever used. It is still the easiest app I know to grab bits of information from anywhere on your Mac to save it for later. The lack of an iOS ...

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Yojimbo 2.0 brings new features, improved syncing, and joy

Yojimbo fans, rejoice! 2.0 is finally here! Waiting for Yojimbo 2.0 has been a bit like being Linus van Pelt waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive, but today the patient and faithful have been rewarded. Yojimbo is a "digital junk drawer" to put all kinds of information: pictures, bookmarks, web ar...

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WeatherCal adds weather forecasts to iCal

WeatherCal is a nifty Preference Pane app from Bare Bones (of BBEdit and Yojimbo fame) that adds the ability to get weather forecasts in iCal by creating all-day events for each day with the relevant information (forecast plus high and low temperatures). You can add different cities, each of whic...

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BBEdit 9.0 released

BBEdit has released its eponymous BBEdit 9 text editor, a major update that includes a rewritten project manager, improvements to search and document comparison features, and a text-completion tool. Find and Multi-File search are now separate commands, both available from the Search menu. The dialo...

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Mailsmith 2.2 beta universal

Mailsmith is an old-school, text-only email client from Bare Bones (of BBEdit and Yojimbo fame), that has long had a cadre of devoted users, but which has also really been showing its age of late (version 2.1.5 was released in March 2005). Yesterday, however, Bare Bones' Rich Siegel announced a publ...

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Yojimbo 1.4.1

While it isn't a major release that adds big features like tagging or AppleScript support, Yojimbo 1.4.1 does fix a lot of miscellaneous bugs that users have been battling. A full changelog is here, listing fixes for things like crashes when viewing web archives and some scripting operations, as wel...

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BBEdit, TextWrangler updated

Attention, Bare Bones fans. Maintenance updates have been released for both BBEdit and TextWrangler. You can grab them both here. Since these are maintenance updates, don't expect new features or extra bells and whistles, just a general tidying up of things. Both are free updates. [Via Macworld]...

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Yojimbo 1.4 released with AppleScript support

Bare Bones Software has released version 1.4 of Yojimbo, their "effortless information organizer" that is oh so popular with the kids these days. To summarize the press release, the main new addition is long-requested "extensive" support for automation via AppleScript and Perl. Also in this release ...

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Yojimbo 1.3 brings tagging, loads of new features

Late last week, Bare Bones released an update to their excellent junk drawer app, Yojimbo, bringing it up to verison 1.3. I was going to post about it, but a hiccup in my database was preventing me to use the new version (I blame recent .Mac errors, as I'm having all sorts of syncing issues with oth...

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BBEdit 8.5.1

Barebones has just updated the recently released BBEdit 8.5 (it is now 8.5.1). This is a maintenance release, but there are a few additions, mostly to snippets, so check it out. You can also be sure some bugs are squashed, and that stability has been increased. Text hackers, get to downloading!...

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Yojimbo: Made possible by Tiger

The Apple Developer Connection spoke with the folks at Bare Bones about Yojimbo, their application for organizing just about everything, and how Apple technologies made it possible. Core Data, Sync Services, and Cocoa created the perfect storm, in the form of Tiger, that combined to form Yojimbo, af...

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Bare Bones Software releases Yojimbo 1.2

Yojimbo, the information collection app from Bare Bones Software that helps you 'master the onslaught', has been updated to version 1.2. Among the additions and improves are a Quick Start movie for new users that launches on first startup, search term highlighting, browser bookmarklets for one-click...

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BBEdit Gems

BBEdit isn't just a program, it is a way of life. Certainly that is the sense that you get from the legion of people that swear by it. If you are a new initiate to the cult of BBEdit perhaps BBEdit Gems is just what you have been looking for. BBEdit Gems is a site completely devoted to covering the ...

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