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Tag: basecamp

Future of third-party apps based on 37signals products remains uncertain

Today, 37signals -- makers of productivity and virtual team software like Basecamp, Highrise and Campfire announced that it was becoming a one-product company. That one product is Basecamp, and the company has now renamed itself "Basecamp" as well. The decision to focus on Basecamp alone means tha...

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Base Tent offers mobile access to Basecamp

I've been using 37signals' Basecamp to manage projects large and small for almost a year now. It's tremendously useful, and everyone I've shown it to falls in love. While the folks at 37signals have produced some great applications, they've left the extras to 3rd party developers. I've been using O...

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Outpost to manage your Basecamp projects from iPhone

Around here we all seem to be addicted to GTD applications (especially those that sync with online services). That's why it is only fitting that we would mention a new iPhone application named Outpost. Outpost manages your 37Signals' Basecamp projects on your iPhone. Basecamp, as you might already ...

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Widget Watch: Avalanche - A free Basecamp client for Yahoo! Widgets

Basecamp is a popular and powerful web-based project collaboration and management service from 37signals, makers of other TUAW favorites like Backpack and Highrise. Fortunately, even though Basecamp is web-based, 37signals provides a rich API with which 3rd party developers can make all sorts of ...

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PackRat author solicits software feature requests

On Sunday, software developer Rod Schmidt, author of PackRat, the Backpack service client, posted a request on his blog. He's interested in creating a PackRat-like client for project collaboration tool Basecamp. PackRat, if you recall, is an OS X tool that lets you work offline on your Backpack dat...

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Widget Watch: Telescope, a Basecamp widget

After blogging the Basecamp widget, TUAW reader Mike Jacobsen wrote in to let us know about a Basecamp widget he recently launched for Dashboard, called Telescope. For now, Telescope appears to be more of a monitoring widget than anything, allowing users to: List current projects View last 25...

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Widget Watch: Basecamp

Basecamp is an award-winning, web-based project management service from the much-loved 37Signals, makers of the equally-loved Backpack. Since Backpack has had its own widget for a while now, it seems that Kennedia Consulting felt it was high time Basecamp received the Dashboard treatment as well. Th...

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