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Best of 2011 Nominations: iPhone accessories

During December and January, The Unofficial Apple Weblog is soliciting your nominations and votes for the best products for Mac, iPhone/iPod touch, and iPad. We'll start with nominations in a category, and then tally your votes for the top-nominated products a few days later. The winner in each c...

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Mophie, Best Buy recalls overheating cases

A couple of recall notices went out earlier today for Mophie and Rocketfish battery cases. Mophie is recalling the Juice Pack Air for the fourth-generation iPod touch. Affected models will have the first five digits of the serial number be between TR113 and TR120. Mophie said a small number...

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Apple reportedly moves iPad battery orders from Simplo to Dynapack

Digitimes is reporting that due to defective Lithium-polymer battery packs in some iPad 2s, Apple has shifted some orders for the battery packs from Simplo Technology to another producer, Dynapack International Technology. The defective batteries may have leakage problems. Digitimes notes tha...

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Third Rail zaps iPhone case market with detachable battery pack

For every gadget that claims to charge an iPhone on the go, there's sure to be a constituency that swears by it (or quite possibly at it). With external battery packs from HyperMac, Zagg, Kensington, Newer and Monoprice, you can dangle a cable; with battery-equipped cases from Exogear, Boost an...

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JustMobile Gum Plus packs a lot of power in a small package

There are a lot of external battery packs available for iPhones, but how about one that can recharge your iPhone up to four times? The US$69.95 JustMobile Gum Plus is an attractive and powerful little battery pack, holding a whopping 4400 mAh of power in its aluminum case and charging just about any...

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Mophie juice pack plus: more iPhone 4 battery life, less filling

Many of us on the TUAW staff are big fans of the Mophie juice pack battery packs for iPhone, and now the company has come out with one that packs a lot of capacity into a case that's only 1 millimeter thicker than the skinny juice pack air. The juice pack plus for iPhone 4 ($99.95) comes with a w...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What's the low down on battery packs?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Boxcar is killing my battery life (at least, that's what I'm guessing -- I love Boxcar, but since I began getting 20+ notifications a day, I'm seeing the battery drain quite a bit faster). What kind of battery pack can you recommend to help my poor iPhone stay online and availabl...

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Road Tested: Newer Technology NuPower Charge & Sync +

If there's something that is almost as common as fart apps, it's iPhone external battery packs. TUAW has done reviews and giveaways of a number of these units including the Richard|Solo 1800 and the Mophie Juice Pack Air. One thing that a lot of these boxes have in common is that they all require an...

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Road Tested: Mophie Juice Pack Air

iPhone 3G and 3G S owners now have an attractive, lightweight, and functional way to provide extra juice to their power-hungry devices -- the Mophie Juice Pack Air. Available in black, white, and purple, the Juice Pack Air is a slightly more svelte version of Mophie's Juice Pack. Compared to the ori...

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External battery packs for Mac laptops

In what looks like a first for the Mac laptop line, support of MacBook and MacBook Pro owners everywhere, a 3rd party is offering external battery packs for MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook air models. The batteries, from Sanho in California, are available in 4 different capacities, 60Wh, 100Wh, 150...

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Belkin introduces TunePower

The folks at Belkin understand that you want to watch video on your iPod, and for a greater amount of time than its battery will allow. So, they've introduced the TunePower rechargeable battery pack. When fully charged, the TunePower will run your iPod for 8-10 hours all on its own. Also, it ships w...

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