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TUAW's Daily iPad App: Battleship for iPad

Electronic Arts recently released an official version of Battleship for the iPad. EA kept the gameplay of the classic board game, but updated the graphics for the larger screen of the iPad. The iPad game has the look and feel of the electronic version of the game with several modes including clas...

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iOS app updates for June 24

The following iOS apps received updates in the App Store: GoodPlayer Version 2.4 was released with changes that include: Additional file formats supported including .m3u and .cue. Both need UTF-8 encoding. Multitasking support BATTLESHIP Version 1.0.63 was released with changes t...

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EA releases Battleship for the iPad

Electronic Arts added to its growing repertoire of mobile games with the release of Battleship for the iPad today. This new tablet version of the classic board game takes advantage of the large screen of the iPad with its HD quality graphics and expanded UI. There are also new battle environmen...

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Battlefleet, a game for iPhone

It's not quite a native iPhone game, but it's one of the best games I've seen for the iPhone yet-- Roger sent us his version of Battleship (which is actually a pen and paper game that predates Milton Bradley's version-- I did not know that), called Battlefleet. It's super easy to play, and turns out...

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