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BBEdit 9.0 released

BBEdit has released its eponymous BBEdit 9 text editor, a major update that includes a rewritten project manager, improvements to search and document comparison features, and a text-completion tool. Find and Multi-File search are now separate commands, both available from the Search menu. The dialo...

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BBEdit version 8.7 released

BBEdit 8.7, the latest version of the triple-A HTML editor, has been released. Update: OK, so the reason I originally thought that all the "new" 8.7 features sounded familiar is because I actually was looking at the release list for version 8.5. The 8.7 release notice is here, and it includes Lua p...

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BBEdit, TextWrangler updated

Attention, Bare Bones fans. Maintenance updates have been released for both BBEdit and TextWrangler. You can grab them both here. Since these are maintenance updates, don't expect new features or extra bells and whistles, just a general tidying up of things. Both are free updates. [Via Macworld]...

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BBEdit 8.5.1

Barebones has just updated the recently released BBEdit 8.5 (it is now 8.5.1). This is a maintenance release, but there are a few additions, mostly to snippets, so check it out. You can also be sure some bugs are squashed, and that stability has been increased. Text hackers, get to downloading!...

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John Gruber releases BBColors 1.0

John Gruber has released a command line tool called BBColors which allows BBEdit and TextWrangler users to save, reload and even share customized color schemes. BBEdit, like many code-friendly text editors, has offered a coloring system for some time, but it still doesn't allow users to save and swa...

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BBEdit 8.5 released with new UI, code folding, clippings - 160 total improvements

Bare Bones Software really knows how to deliver a .5 release, as the have just announced v8.5 of BBEdit, their powerful and professional HTML and code editor. Amongst the total 160 new and updated features is a revamped UI for both the app and its now-searchable preferences, 'code folding' for colla...

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Life changing software

James Fee has posted about software that changed his life, and it struck me as a very powerful idea. Can a bucket of bits and bytes really change anyone's life? The more I thought about it, the more I knew it was true. Software can change lives, it has certainly changed mine. Back to James for a mom...

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MacDevCenter talks with TextMate developer

Text editors are programs that inspire great loyalty amongst Mac users. BBEdit's legions of users attribute everything from being more productive to happier familys to the software's non-suckiness. TextMate is the up and coming text editor that many people are switching to. MacDevCenter recently spo...

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Close brackets and braces easily with AutoPairs

If you're the type that spends the day staring at a display and typing code, we'd bet you'd appreciate any utility that will make the process easier. Check out AutoPairs. It's a Mac OS X preference pane that closes your brackets, braces and quotes for you. Type a left bracket, for instance, and a ri...

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BBEdit vs. TextMate

Francois Joseph de Kermadec no only has a better name than I do, he is also a much braver man. How else to explain his willingness to pen a review pitting BBEdit vs. Textmate. Furthermore, he does the impossible and says that neither of them wins the battle! Shocking, indeed. However, at the end of ...

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BBEdit 8.2.5

Don't you love updates that start off like this, 'BBEdit 8.2.5 contains no new features.' Though this update may not have any new features it seems to fix a bucketful of bugs, and no one likes bugs. If you use BBEdit it would behoove you to download this update, even though the icon still features a...

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BBEdit Gems

BBEdit isn't just a program, it is a way of life. Certainly that is the sense that you get from the legion of people that swear by it. If you are a new initiate to the cult of BBEdit perhaps BBEdit Gems is just what you have been looking for. BBEdit Gems is a site completely devoted to covering the ...

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TextMate 1.5 reviewed

BBEdit is the grand daddy of text editors on the Mac, though I prefer TextWrangler myself. However, TextMate, a relative new comer to the scene, is getting a lot of attention from the geekier Mac folks out there. MacSlash has posted a glowing review of the app, which is making me think I need to tak...

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