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The Beatles invade iTunes charts within 12 hours

It's been just over 24 hours since the release of The Beatles' complete back catalogue on iTunes and they are already dominating the album charts in a rather unusual way. In fact, as reported by MacObserver, within 12 hours of availability The Beatles had 15 albums placed in the Top 40 best-selling ...

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Why you really shouldn't have expected more than Beatles on iTunes today

We here at TUAW, and those of you who read us and a dozen other Apple or tech blogs each day were certainly amped about a full-page takeover on yesterday. We were subsequently a bit let down when the veil lifted to reveal... The Beatles on iTunes. Keep in mind Twitter + Ping happened via ...

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Today is just another day I will forget

When Apple teased "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget" on their home page yesterday I hoped it was going to be something really cool -- like cloud-based iTunes or a subscription iTunes service. When the news began to leak out that the event was the Beatles coming to iTunes fin...

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You can't buy me love, but you can buy the Beatles on iTunes

It slipped out a bit early, but the Beatles complete back catalog is available through iTunes. The individual albums clock in at $12.99 (with the Past Masters and the White, Red and Blue albums are $19.99) while a boxset of the Beatles' entire work is available for $149. Individual tracks are $1....

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Wall Street Journal confirms Beatles on iTunes

Ethan Smith of the Wall Street Journal writes that iTunes will soon be carrying the Beatles catalog, according to "people familiar with the situation." According to Smith, this deal was finalized recently -- as late as last week -- between Apple and EMI group. If so, this plays into the Beatles-s...

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Win a limited edition set of Beatles MusicSkins from TUAW

Although you still can't get your Beatles fix through the iTunes Store, Apple Corps has made a license agreement with MusicSkins, the maker of music-related vinyl skin products for electronic devices. As a result, you can now purchase Beatles personal device skins featuring the Beatles logo and cov...

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Rumors: The Beatles on iTunes? Yoko says yes, EMI says not yet

So, the friend of a friend told me that the Beatles is finally going to be on iTunes tomorrow. Not so fast, EMI immediately countered. In the latest chapter of a saga filled with more "will they, or won't they?" than a shoujo manga, Engadget picked up a 9to5Mac report today stating that Yoko Ono i...

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Will the Beatles library finally arrive in iTunes September 9th?

As intrepid TUAW reporter Mike Schramm told you a few days ago, Apple has an event planned for September 9, 2009. Pundits are expecting the event to be the usual Apple fall event where the new line of iPods will be announced, but there's something else happening on September 9th that could herald ...

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NRK pulls Beatles podcast citing legal concerns

Lost in the din of yesterday's Macworld announcements and video was a story from NRK that they've pulled down the "Our Daily Beatles" podcast -- featuring all 212 songs available for free -- citing contractual obligations with an organization that represents the interests of the recording industry w...

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NRK offers free podcast containing every Beatles song

The Beatles could have all their songs on iTunes, but not the way you might think: via a podcast describing the story behind each song, released by a Norwegian broadcasting company. NRK is podcasting its segment called "Our Daily Beatles" that chronologically tells a three-minute story of every Beat...

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Beatles-on-iTunes talks 'stalled' says Paul

Talks between Apple, Inc., Apple Corps, and EMI to bring the Beatles catalogue to the iTunes Store have "stalled," according to a statement by Paul McCartney to the Associated Press. McCartney said, "The last word I got back was it's stalled at the whole moment, the whole process." He told the BBC ...

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UK papers say Beatles coming to iTunes, no, really we mean it this time

UK newspapers such as the Daily Mail and the Telegraph are reporting on an expected deal between Sir Paul McCartney and Apple, Inc. to bring the Beatles catalog to iTunes. According to the Telegraph, the deal could be worth as much as £300 million ($600 million US). An Apple Corps label spokes...

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George Harrison solo works now on iTunes

The Beatles are now on iTunes-- kind of. George Harrison has become the last solo Beatle to be added to the iTMS, as iTunes now carries all of his solo work (including "Got My Mind Set on You"-- enjoy having that in your head for the rest of the day). That means that all the Beatles have now had the...

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TUAW Best of the Week

What a week for Apple fans. After a slow Labor Day, we got a huge midweek event, new iPods, and what turned out to be the week's biggest story: the iPhone is now $399. MobileChat iPhone AIM Client Debuts Started off the week with not one but two IM iPhone betas. MarsEdit 2.0 Red Sweater's blogging c...

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The Beatles don't go on

Well the one rumor that I thought was least likely (that the Beatles were a no go at this morning's event) turned out to be true. There is still no Beatles music available on the iTunes store, either in the WiFi store or otherwise. Not that Steve didn't taunt us. Over and over again, he threw down h...

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